Livio Bisterzo’s Passion for Healthy Living Evidenced In The New HIPPEAS Snack From Green Park Brands

Livio Bisterzo is an established Italian entrepreneur who showed his capabilities early in his life. Livio established his first business when he was studying at the University of the Arts London. The business was dealing youth culture, events, and marketing. He has since spread his wings to diverse sectors, emerging a winner at every venture he invests in.

Livio Bisterzo has in the process created a number of successful brands. His passion is in food, healthy living, sports, relationships, leadership, and team building. Some of his earlier ventures include Kyoku for Men, Maddox Club, and Pollen St. His area of study in college is in business and management. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with honors.

Top Brands

Livio Bisterzo founded a company named the Alvaro Group in 2006. He ran the enterprise for five years until January 2012. His next venture was Little Miracle Drinks that he ran between the years 2011 and 2014. His current engagement is the Green Park Brands Inc., which he founded in April 2015. The Los Angeles-based firm is a leading food innovation company that is rapidly growing. The company aims to create top consumer brands with the aim of making better the lives of the people.

The company produces foods, such as organic chickpea puffs branded as HIPPEAS that have taken over the market. The brand launched recently in stores across the United Kingdom and the United States. The company promises exciting flavors with health benefits. His passion for a healthy lifestyle is what drives the company.


Livio Bisterzo has made tremendous efforts in his journey to success. He rose every time he fell, and his hard work has surely paid off. His achievements have been featured by top media houses, such as Harpers, The FT, Sunday Style, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Esquire. Evening Standard nominated Livio as one of London’s 1000 most influential people in 2009.

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