Securing Payment Processing And Wireless Technology

A System So Big It Goes Unnoticed


There’s a certain irony in the idea that an existing infrastructure larger than four football fields could go unnoticed. For this we have to explain a few concepts about the private industry. Securus Technologies is a leading technology manufacturer for this private sector. The private sector consists of agencies and government operations that must be away from public sight.


This discrete character of the private sector is how large systems can exist while never seen. The system we uncover is built by Securus Technologies and uses a duplication process for the wireless systems we have in place. Cell phones are popular devices that enable a lot within the palm of a person’s hands. This becomes a potential danger when entering private facilities.


Recreating Wireless Technology For The Benefit Of Security


The solution Securus has is simple. Recreate a wireless system that can span an entire area, and capture all the wireless signals which go in and out of it. What this equates to is a normal distribution of antennas and data centers that allow cell phone signals to operate through. The agency then adds a few more features to enable greater security.


The objective is to control wireless calls or signals that enter and exit a decided area. This results in the ability to dictate who is calling, from where, what number, the carrier and whether or not the signal is safe. Securus has the power to simply disconnect any unwanted calls that try to enter.



Catching Signals Worldwide And Making Payments Secure


The system built by Securus Technologies has terminated over 1 million illegals call within its first year of operation. The statistics are stunning the world. There’s a clear realization that the security measures taken by agencies like this are taken for a good reason. There are constant, unwarranted activities that go in and out of private industry.


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