Doe Deere Has Found A Place For Her Lime Crime Brand

There are many makeup brands out there and each one has something different to offer. Many of the makeup brands that are around today are similar to one another, though, and they put out products that look like the products from other brands. Lime Crime is a brand that is different and that offers unique and bold makeup products. Founded by Doe Deere, this brand is something that stands out and that has made a name for itself. Doe Deere has done great things with the Lime Crime brand, and she has helped that brand find a place in the makeup world and fill a need that was not filled before.


Doe Deere grew up in New York City, and that may have inspired her to be who she is today. She is a creative individual with big dreams, and she is someone who has been able to do big things with her makeup brand. She is someone who started up her company because there were products that she wanted that she could not find in the beauty world. She wanted bright and bold makeup and she could not find that from the brands that were available to her. She decided that she had to fill that hole in the beauty world, and she created Lime Crime to do that.


There are passions that a person has that affect the life that they live. Doe Deere is someone with many passions and with many causes that she holds close, and her heart leads her in decisions that she makes. She shares some of the money that she earns through Lime Crime with those organizations that support causes that mean something to her. She gives to those organizations that are doing big things. She is someone who worked hard to make sure that all of the products that her brand puts out are vegan and that they are made in a cruelty-free way. The beliefs that this individual has influence the life that she lives.


Doe Deere is someone who chose to go about advertising her brand’s products in a unique way. She got her first customers by sharing tutorials on a blog. These tutorials featured Lime Crime products and showed the things that the products from this brand can do. She was able to draw in customers by sharing helpful tutorials with those who are looking to learn how to do makeup. She has made a name for herself and found a place for her brand by thinking outside the box.


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Tony Petrello’s Efforts For The Community’s Welfare

Some companies are not always about the profit that they get from the community where their operations are based. There are companies that genuinely care about the overall welfare of the community, and this is realized after disaster strikes.

In 2017, Houston together with other near vicinities in Texas were hit severely by Hurricane Harvey. Streets were flooded, homes were destroyed, and the food was scarce because basic essentials were desperately in demand on a large scale. Some prominent businesses in Houston took it upon themselves to offer help immediately. The H-E-B, Houston Food Bank and Nabors Industries were quick to respond.

In a regular work day, the employees of Nabor Industries – a local drilling entity are commonly found getting coffee from the Naborhood Café, in the in-house fitness center, or at the barbecue pit within the workplace. But they can also be seen in special events, fund raising activities and other community projects because giving back is a vital part of the company’s culture, and is a thing that Tony Petrello the CEO of Nabors Industries is keen on.

After Hurricane Harvey wrecked the city, the employees of Nabors Industries helped with the relief efforts, taking time off from work. As per Tony Petrello, they went where help and support where needed. To show that the employees’ efforts were appreciated and the company is grateful for their assistance, they were given paid time off to go about and give aid.

Tony Petrello gave an equal amount that matches the contribution of the company’s employee’s relief contributions that amounted to $173,622. The fund was named Nabors Disaster Relief fund, which was used to support hands-on relief activities. Nabors Industries likewise erected its on-site kitchen equipment to be utilized for the recovery efforts by preparing and cooking hot meals in large quantities three times a day for the local families.

Anthony Petrello is the and Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Nabors Industries Ltd., the largest natural gas drilling company in the world. Tony Petrello graduated from Harvard University and Yale University. He and his wife take their social responsibilities seriously, and he says that as Nabors Industries grow so should their donations to charitable causes grow too.

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Heal and Soothe, Exceptional Join Pain and Inflammatory Supplement

How Heal and Soothe Works

Heal and Soothe is called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Basically, Enzymes are the main pathway to fighting inflammation in the body. Enzymes reduce the inflammation in the body by counterbalancing the bio-chemicals of inflammation levels. Injured tissues, caused by inflammation, can be repaired at the level of creation and regeneration with Enzymes. Individual’s health can improve by reducing inflammation and has an impact on cancer prevention and recovery, memory loss and heart health. The reduction of inflammation in the body can also help with the recovery of contusions, bruises, sprains, strains, surgery fractures and joint pain.

Designed for and Benefits of Heal and Soothe

Heal and Soothe was designed to effectively reduce the pain due to swelling and help with flexibility and joint mobility.

The greatest benefit of Systemic Enzymes is that they have no side effects like some prescription medications. Heal and Soothe is safer and a more precise treatment for stopping inflammation than aspirin.

Ingredients in Heal and Soothe

There are 12 powerful natural pain fighters from Mother Nature along with Systemic Enzymes in Heal and Soothe:

Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes, fights inflammation throughout the body, breaks down scar tissue, cleans the blood and boosts respiratory, immune and cardiovascular functions.

Bromelain, is extracted from pineapple as a natural compound, contains proteolytic enzymes. They have been proven to bypass the body’s pain pathways. Bromelain reduces inflammation, removes waste and toxins from the blood and prevents swelling.

Turmeric Extract and Papain are taken from the dried root of the plants. They block pain that is created by COX-2 and 5-LOX enzymes. The antioxidant powers of Turmeric finds and destroys free radicals that are causing pain and swelling.

Boswellia Extract, this herb reduces pain and inflammation. It supports healthy blood circulation.

Rutin, is found in many different plants and fruits. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect because of its anti-oxidant activity.

Mojave Yucca Root, contains Yucca oils and resveratrol for inflammation. The antioxidant activity helps with inflammatory and supports the immune and digestive system.

Ginger Extract, reduces pain, inflammation and treats nausea. Decreases prostaglandins, which may be causing pain.

Devil’s Claw, natural pain reliever. Treats arthritis pain and inflammation.

Citrus Bioflavonoids, acts as a buffer by protecting the body from oxidative damage.


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