HCR Wealth Advisors and the Sandwich Generation

Roughly one in seven adults between the ages of 30 and 60 are financially supporting their children and parents at the same time. “Sandwiched” between the need to support both their kids and parents, families and individuals that fall under the so-called sandwich generation often don’t save up enough money for their retirements, generally leaving them high and dry when it comes time to quit working.

Members falling under the wide umbrella of the sandwich generation often seek investment advice from expert financial advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors, a firm that provides personalized assistance for clients to reach their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors operates out of Los Angeles, California. It was founded back in 1988 and primarily provides its services to individuals around the nation, most of which have been with the likes of HCR Wealth Advisors for longer than one decade.

Certified financial planner Greg Heller is the founder and chief executive officer of HCR Wealth Advisors and has been with the firm since it was founded in the late 1980s every step of the way. Steve Weinberger, who is also a certified financial planner, is a senior managing director who has been with the firm since the mid-1990s.

@HCRwealth often posts on its official blog on its website to help individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and interests get financial help and stave off the threat of financial risks.

The research regarding the sandwich generation was conducted by the well-known Pew Research Center. Go to https://www.nasdaq.com/quotes/institutional-portfolio/hcr-wealth-advisors-1015692 and let HCR Wealth help you with your retirement plan.

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Alex Pall- The Chainsmoker’s Creative Endeavors

Reaching out for the stars beyond, feeling like the music is apart of who you are, and being so in touch with those feelings that the stars don’t seem so distant after all, That is the kind of music that The Chainsmokers produce.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have made music that touches the souls of people in a unique and almost profound way. Their music production has aimed at the hearts of many individuals around the world with no boundaries to age or race.

Pall tells the world a story about his passion through his nostalgia and love for dance music. For Taggart it was the same, he had a deep sense of love for music. Both Pall and Taggart have an unbreakable passion for their creative endeavors.

The Chainsmokers have kept their aspirations fresh with creating distinctive works of music such as their hits “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

They have released a newer hit single called “Closer” where they take a pristine approach to music production as a whole. Pall mentions that not a lot of music producers actually write their own lyrics. The Chainsmokers write their and lyrics, and since they do, it gives them a greater sense of freedom with their music.

Aside from their outstanding approach to creating individualistically unique music, they also take an approach to using social media as a platform to boost their audience. They’ve been able to reach out to people in countries such as South Africa and the Philippines which goes to show how passionate they are to share their music with the world.

With each passing hit they create, Pall and Taggart thrive to build off of having a unique and fresh outlook on their music style. They won’t be stopping their production anytime time soon as The Chainsmokers thrive off of creating and the momentum of always having something new to create. They thrive on the challenge of keeping their music fresh to the ears of many around the world.


The Oxford Club’s Benefits

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989. When it started, it was known as The Passport Club. The founder of the group was William Bonner who is also a pioneering member of Agora Inc. In 1991, Passport Club was renamed to The Oxford Club. It is a group that was born out of the coming together of renowned international investors and entrepreneurs. Its operations run privately with a mission of enabling its members to increase and protect their affluence. The Club has not been shaken by market conditions at all throughout its lifetime. The Oxford Club carries out market research monthly to spot possible market gaps that are worth investing in.

The Club operates on three membership ranks. These are:

  • Premier Membership- This is the entry level membership. The members access the benefits and must renew their membership annually.
  • Director’s Circle Membership- These are permanent investors in the club. They are fully committed to the club and can delegate their membership to family members.
  • Chairman’s Circle Membership- This is the highest membership rank and access to the most privileges. Members at this level have unlimited access to the Club’s website and publications.

The Oxford Club has user-friendly investment policies. The policies help the members to approach markets wisely when making investments. The investors’ choices are well advised all round including tax. The Club publishes three newsletters and three e-letters per day. It serves a wide range of investors starting from green investors to the mature ones. The level of membership of a subscriber determines access to the publications. The monthly publications are The Oxford Communiqué, The Oxford Income Letter, and Oxford Resource Explorer.

The Oxford Club mainly focuses on 12 separate trading services that are related to a number of investment classes. The services the club provides and the policies it recommends are well researched. In 1999, the Club expanded its operations by establishing an educational arm known as Investment U.

There are inexhaustible benefits of joining The Oxford Club. Some of them include:

  • Access to a well-established network of investment opportunities
  • Access to monthly newsletters
  • Unlimited access to current policies of the Club

Scott Rocklage Is Working Towards Treating DM1 With Small Molecules

Scott Rocklage achieved his education at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He then attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He conducted his research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock while attending MIT. In 1985 Richard R. Schrock was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in chemistry.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has spent in excess of thirty years in the sector of healthcare management. His hard work resulted in approval from the FDA for three separate medications. He has also submitted additional medications for clinical trials. He possesses over thirty patents and has had well over 100 publications reviewed by his peers. Dr. Scott Rocklage is a leader in his field.

Expansion Therapeutics has been working towards battling genetic disorders. Myotonic dystrophy 1 type is the prevalent cause of adult muscular dystrophy. The company is spending $55.3 million to battle this disease. 5AM Ventures along with Kleiner Perkins and the Novartis Venture Fund all participated in the financing.

Molecules converted into proteins after a DNA transfer are called RNA’s. When the production of these molecules becomes toxic within the cells DM1 occurs. This causes defects in the heart, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, muscles, hormonal system, and the central nervous system. DMI often affects complete generations and becomes worse with the passage of time and the new generations. This disease does not have an effective treatment available at this time.

The research performed by 5AM’s Managing Partner Scott Rocklage and Matthew Disney at the laboratory is used by Expansion Therapeutics. It has become apparent small molecule medications can be used to address diseases related to RNA. The treatments required by the individuals with the most crucial medical needs are getting much closer. The team plans to continue until they are successful. Expansion Therapeutics and Dr. Scott Rocklage are working together so the small molecule medical field can be advanced to target RNA. Their work is important in the creation of medications for patients with no options. These medications can potentially treat illnesses triggered by RNA.


To learn more, visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/.

Jed McCaleb: Developing World Without Banks

For a stellar entrepreneur, inventor, programmer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast like Jed McCaleb, he is in a class all to himself. McCaleb has made a name for himself in the world of technology and entrepreneurism. And when it comes to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments, McCaleb has a lot to say and do in this niche. Recently, McCaleb focused on his newest Internet and cryptocurrency-based endeavor called Stellar.org.

McCaleb produced the first centralized exchange for trading cryptocurrency called Mt. Gox. At its peak, bustling Mt. Gox accounted for approximately 80 percent of all cryptocurrency that was being exchanged. McCaleb sold Mt. Gox not long after he built it. McCaleb still owns a 12 percent share of Mt. Gox. For McCaleb, being on the forefront of technology trends as an entrepreneur is a key part of what has made him a success story.

McCaleb got started in entrepreneurship and platform building using his programming prowess in 1999. McCaleb started the peer-to-peer file-sharing software program, eDonkey. It was a P2P based network of nodes that were able to download files. Napster.com was a popular P2P and eDonkey were being used at around the same time.

Fast forward to present days, and McCaleb foresees blockchain technology being a real driver behind universal processes and protocols that involve banking transactions and stock trading. The Stellar Development Foundation was created by Jed McCaleb, and co-founder, Joyce Kim to oversee the building out of the Stellar protocol.

Stellar.org could be the key to unleashing the potential with this untapped business sector. The idea behind Stellar.org is to function as an internet-level protocol for payments made using cryptocurrency. Stellar.org works in the same way that a non-profit would, but with an open source model that is open to all people, especially the 2 billion people who currently have no banking institution. Open source provides a level of trust because financial entities cannot change the model.

One of the key components to Stellar.org is that McCaleb’s network uses a new mode of consensus called the federated Byzantine agreement, a model that was created by Stanford University professor, David Mazieres.

Bruno Fagali Has A New Plan For Firm

Bruno Fagali has made a career in law by doing just about everything he can to give corporate clients what they need to survive. His talent for law has allowed him to garner praise and crowds that others simply can’t compete with. That’s why he’s at the top of the his field in Brazil where his name synonymous with many of the basic functions necessary for corporations to operate. Fagali has made himself into a noteworthy figure across the world as Brazil continues to influence everyone around it. That impact is being felt even today as more people decide they want to participate in commerce. The role Fagali will play in the future of Brazil is going to be an important one for everyone to recognize. He hasn’t gotten as far as he has for no reason. He knows what he’s doing and he built his firm around that idea.

His firm has focused mainly on finding ways to promote corporate integrity. This essential process is necessary for so much of what we take for granted in consumer life. It’s the reason companies are able to combine their goods and services under one name. It’s the reason we are able to enjoy the internet as we know it today. That capacity has to be carefully implemented through the use of strategy and contracts that bind companies together. Fagali has been doing this for so long it is his second nature. He knows what will be needed and what will be best for the companies he works for. Naturally, they agree with him and try to support his work as well. Word has spread about his success and it’s brought people who otherwise wouldn’t have an interest in the work of Bruno Fagali into a closer observation of his life works.