Sahm Adrangi’s Thoughts on Short Selling And Other Things

Kerrisdale Capital Management has as its founder and Chief Investment Office a man name Sahm Adrangi. Sahm Adrangi is noted world wide for being a short seller on equities and other investments.

He first made a name for himself for short-listing certain fraudulent Chinese companies. He has also taken on some big names in American companies, such as Dish Network and now, Eastman Kodak.

He notes that his idea work well when the market is doing well. At times, the market seems to indicate almost a frivolity with some stocks, and that is the time to buy those stocks and get out of them very quickly.

When the market is flat, he says, an investor must proceed with caution. A lot of people might call Sahm Adrangi a market bear, but in all actuality, he remains cautious on many fronts when it comes to the market. He explains that his company is ‘out there’ investments, selling short, even today.

While a lot of his views and actions are quite difficult for some investors to understand, one must remember that Kerrisdale Capital, his company, shares information on a number of investment opportunities and make research about many companies available to whoever wants it.

Sahm Adrangi began Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He started with only $1 million. As of July, 2017, the company manages over $150 million. This is phenomenal growth for just about any company out there.

His company is now focusing on biotechnology and energy sectors, and is investigating companies who are doing research in those areas.

Sahm Adrangi has been featured on television, on CNBC and Bloomberg, and has been the speaker at a number of financial and investment conferences. He has also been featured in a number of leading financial magazine, notably The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

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