Hyland’s Oral Relief for Babies

Babies are very cute and sweet. Although, it’s not always so fun when they crying about oral pain from teething. Hyland’s teething tablets are designed for fast relief for your crying baby. It has a safe and gentle formula. All the active ingredients are natural. They do not use benzocaine, belladonna, artificial flavors, dyes, or parabens. These tablets are quite useful when your baby is in that stage.

The Hyland’s brand was founded in 1903 in Los Angelos, California. Hyland’s products are sold only in the U.S. and in Canada. Their products are all over-the-counter.  Hyland’s voluntarily recalled their teething tablets and made a new formula. They also published an article on how many of the claims that were laid, could have been due to allergies or other possible causes that were unrelated to their product. They now have new formulas for their products.

THeir new products include everything from cold and cough to teething, to leg pain, and colic for babies. They cater to babies all the way to 12-year-olds. Hyland’s does their best to offer safe homeopathic products to their customers. They have formulated everything from their teething tablets to their cold and cough medicines to include no benzocaine or belladonna. Both of which are very dangerous in high doses.

Hyland’s has had bad reviews on their products before, but that has not stopped them. If anything it has encouraged them to formulate new products and push even harder to be the best. The new teething tablets have received very good reviews from their customers and prove that Hyland’s will always do their best for your kids.

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