Entrepreneur Paul Mampilly Discusses His Monthly Newsletter Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is an author, investor, and entrepreneur who once had a highly successful career as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. He now lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his family and operates a consulting firm he founded, Capuchin Consulting. He works with professional investors, offering them his insights and opinions on various unique investment ideas.

He also publishes Profits Unlimited. He partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing on this financial newsletter. It is directed at average investors and comes out once a month. Each issue is eight pages in length and he goes into detail on one specific investment opportunity he wants to share with his readers. In the first year of publishing this newsletter, he achieved a gain of 47 percent compared with the S&P 500 which returned 17 percent.

Back when Paul Mampilly was on Wall Street he entered a prestigious competition. This took place during 2009 when the stock market was at its nadir having collapsed in the Great Recession. Despite these issues, he built a starting position of $50 million into $88 million in a single year, the length of the Templeton Foundation challenge, and won.

He says he came up with the idea of Capuchin Consulting after not wanting to be a part of Wall Street any longer. Paul Mampilly says that Wall Street doesn’t help enough people and the ones it doesn’t help are already obscenely wealthy. He didn’t want to be in that environment anymore and wanted to use his investment skills and knowledge to help more people of regular means.

Each day Paul Mampilly and his team of analysts perform extensive research. Before he ever recommends a stock it has been researched for at least 30 to 40 hours. He then spends an additional 20 to 30 hours writing his newsletter about what company Paul Mampilly is recommending to investors that month.

He also puts example scenarios into each issue of Profits Unlimited. These illustrations make it easier to see how a stock he is recommending might work out for his readers. He also includes charts and data but in a way that makes them simple enough to follow that his readers will actually use them.

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