OSI Group Progress

OSI Group is a food firm led by Sheldon Lavin. The company embraces rewards and challenges of cutting edge technology. It is currently among the largest food producers across the world.

Company History

OSI started as a butcher shop in Chicago before becoming the primary supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurants. Mr. Lavin has led the food-producing firm towards embracing new technologies and strategies to increase its efficiency and lower environmental footprint of the company operations.

New strategies and techniques are developed and adapted in the company as it faces the global demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. This has contributed to the entity receiving various prestigious sustainability titles like the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the California Green Business Award. The recognitions are the crowning accomplishments of an illustrious and long business career to Lavin.

Today, OSI Group is a large company with more than 20,000 workers worldwide. It has opened 65 plants in 17 countries. In 2016, the entity was position 58 according to Forbes for its large size and a net worth of $6.1 billion. OSI adaptation to new technology allowed it to join an era of impressive growth. The introduction of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing technology opened new opportunities in food storage, production, and transportation. Otto & Sons were the first to adopt these advancements and the choice to look for funding allowed the company integration and basis for transformation into OSI Group. See this article at patch.com

OSI Group Sustainability

Development efforts and robust research always support OSI pursuit of sustainable strategies. It has set up two innovation centers in the US and China. These facilities work on developing new techniques and strategies to lessen the environmental effects of its operations. They help in developing efficient consumer friendly and supply chain product lines. In 2017, the company created a sustainable unit and appointed Nicole Johnson-Hoffman as the department head. OSI Group is currently a global supplier of value-added protein outputs, fruits, and vegetables. It aims at serving the world with its fresh products.

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JD.com plans to create underground delivery system

JD.com is an online website that sells a wide variety of products for customers and is one of the giant online retailers of China. JD.com was created by entrepreneur and businessman Jingdong. The company is very good when it comes to delivery of products and now will be committing itself to building an underground network to deliver products like noted entrepreneur Elon Musk plans to do as well. The plans were announced at this year’s Global Smart Chain Summit, which was in Beijing. They will be creating a grand scheme of tunnels and a system fitted with logistics for accurate data and support. They will be getting help from many individuals from Nankai University and other Universities throughout Beijing and Shanghai.

The company will have to figure out whether they can use logistics in the underground tunnels for delivery. The interesting delivery system could prove to be very good as it will provide great delivery for people in urban settings. Overpopulation and the creation of new buildings and gases have created environmental pollution for its population in China. Factories and other facilities have also caused this shift, along with earthquakes and other environmental disasters. If JD.com could create these underground tunnels for delivery, it would benefit in reducing environmental pollution and create logistics.

China believes that they can make sure of all the space available to them and that the underground tunnels would also reduce traffic and contribute to urban space. This is not the only project that JD is working on, as they are operating some stores, using robots for delivery, and are using a warehouse for their products. JD.com offers individuals an unrivaled online experience and are using the power of technology in today’s age. According to their website’s homepage, they are a Fortune Global 500 company and have only increased their revenue throughout the years under Jingdong. JD.com has proven to be reliable with their convenient ordering system and fast delivery service to customers.

EOS Six Pack Opening Video of Lasting Hydration Collection by Toys 4 Life

The “EOS Six Pack Opening” video by Toys 4 Life discuss the six pack of EOS Lasting Hydration lip balms. The six pack comes with two active protection lip balms, two organic lip balms, and two visibly soft lip balms. The flavors are Lemon Twist, Vanilla Bean Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Honey Apple, Vanilla Bean, and Fresh Grapefruit. It is a variety pack.

In this six pack, the active protection lip glosses have sun screen for protection from the sun. These lip glosses are designed for the warmer weather and the beach. The organic lip glosses has shea butter, four organic oils, and fruit extracts. The visibly soft EOS lip glosses have cocoa butter, shay butter, and four moisturizing oils.

Each is packed in an attractive colorful round package that Toys 4 Life shows viewers in this video. She opens the Honey Apple lip balm and says it smells like fall apple orchards and maple syrup. The Vanilla Bean Mint smells like French vanilla coffee with a very strong mint scent. Toy 4 Life says the mint flavor is very strong.

Fresh Grapefruit is a newer brand for the warm weather that smells like fresh grapefruit juice. It has lip protection from the sun. This lip balm is designed for the beach and wearing to work or school in the warmer weather. Lemon Twist smells like lemon cough drops. This one is for lip protection in the summer, too.

The organic EOS lip balms are 100 percent organic with no artificial ingredients. The flavor vanilla bean smells like French vanilla coffee. The second flavor strawberry sorbet smells like fresh strawberries. The author of the video uses it on her lips and says its super hydrating. She thinks the EOS six pack will last her five years.

Toys 4 Life has used EOS Lip Balm and positively promotes the Lasting Hydration six pack. It would make a good holiday gift, present for birthdays, and special occasions.

Alastair Borthwick: Famed Author And Climber

Alastair Borthwick is best known for the 2 books that he published during his career, Always a Little Further and Sans Peur. While these subjects of these books vastly different from each other, they both became quite popular and still frequently go back into print. He was born on February 17, 1913 and lived until September 25, 2003. He accomplished a lot during his life as a broadcaster, journalist, author, and military veteran.

After being born in Rutherglen, Alastair Borthwick and his family eventually moved to Troon and then Glasgow where he spent most of his life. Until the age of 16, he attended Glasgow High School. He made the decision to drop out in 1929 to pursue his career in journalism. He started off small as a copytaker before eventually starting his writing career. His first position was at the Evening Times and then the Glasgow Weekly Herald as a writer. The Weekly Herald was a small newspaper with Borthwick being only one of 5 people on their staff.

While writing for the Glasgow Weekly Herald, he covered a variety of topics but one of the most popular columns he wrote for was called “Open Air”. In this column, he frequently covered the sport of writing that had started to become a popular form of entertainment amongst the working class of Scotland. Previously, climbing was a sport that was mainly reserved for the well-off in society, many of who were not excited to see their sport become popular with others.

He wrote about these happenings in his book Always a Little Further. Alastair Borthwick noted the social events that had taken place during the transition that climbing experienced when becoming popular among the common people in Scotland. In addition to the documented social changes, the book also took account of the people that he came across and the sport itself.

His second book was published after he served in the military. He served during the Second World War as a private. Eventually, he became a war substantive lieutenant. Sans Peur recounted these times and was recently republished.

You can purchase Borthwick’s book here: https://www.amazon.com/Alastair-Borthwick/e/B001KDDV8E

How Jason Hope Plans To Change The Future

Jason Hope is probably one of the brightest minds in the technological field that is dominated by savvy entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur essentially his entire life, Hope has worked long and hard in order to make sure that he has consistently placed himself in the right place at the right time in order to make a difference in his work. Hope rose to prominence as an early investor in mobile communications and he continued his momentum by launching an enormously successful and helpful grant program to aid budding entrepreneurs who had great ideas of their own. Now, Hope is focused entirely on fostering the growth of one of the world’s most important new sectors: the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is in no way just a subset of the technological field. Thanks to the prominent rise of smart technology and our continued reliance on such technology, the Internet of Things has more room to grow than ever before. Jason Hope, as a futurist, is always looking around the bend in order to find the cutting edge technology of tomorrow. Now, Hope is going all in on the concept of the Internet of Things, otherwise known as the IoT. What is the Internet of Things? Why does Hope so fully believe in this subset of the tech field? We’re glad that you asked.

For a futurist and entrepreneur like Jason Hope, the Internet of Things represents the next great leap forward in our technological revolution. The IoT insists that the tech world continues to innovate in order to keep up with humanities continued desire for automation, efficiency, and ease of living. Right now the Internet of Things is largely populated by nifty gadgets that serve a niche purpose, such as smart watches or smart home appliances. Jason Hope believes, however, that this same technology is going to be improved in order to deliver humanity smart vehicles, networked public transit systems, and even smart emergency response systems. In essence, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to fundamentally change the way that we live our very lives.

About Jason Hope: www.theinternetofthings.eu/jason-hope

OSI Industries Is Steadily Becoming The Largest Food Supplier On The Market

The United States is home to one of the largest food processing companies in the entire world today, though the original owner of this company was born in Germany and came over in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky moved over to the US for a better life and within a couple years, he was starting to live it after he opened up a small meat market. Otto started this company in Chicago and at the time there wasn’t very much competition in the area. Despite this, Otto’s business stayed rather small for many years before getting a boost. Find out more at careersinfood.com to learn more about OSI.

By the 1930’s, Otto’s business was gaining more traction in the area and was even beating out the competition throughout Chicago as primarily a meat market. The real change came during the 1950’s as businesses started rising and new methods for preserving meats were developed. OSI Industries managed to get a contract with McDonald’s before they were a major corporation, which ended up being their largest and longest lasting contract to date. As the relationship between McDonald’s and OSI Industries grew, the more facilities OSI was able to open up, with a few even specifically dedicated to McDonald’s. As one of the fastest growing food chains in the country at the time, McDonald’s managed to take OSI industries alongside it. WIth OSI Industries growing faster than ever before, they started thinking bigger and wanted to expand the company into new areas outside of the United States.

OSI Industries took on its official name sometime in the 70’s after Sheldon Lavin joined up with the company as a partner and the original owners gave him the privilege to rename the company OSI, although they had to agree to the name. At this point, the old owners of the company were all retiring and Sheldon started to take over expand OSI alongside McDonald’s.

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