EOS Six Pack Opening Video of Lasting Hydration Collection by Toys 4 Life

The “EOS Six Pack Opening” video by Toys 4 Life discuss the six pack of EOS Lasting Hydration lip balms. The six pack comes with two active protection lip balms, two organic lip balms, and two visibly soft lip balms. The flavors are Lemon Twist, Vanilla Bean Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Honey Apple, Vanilla Bean, and Fresh Grapefruit. It is a variety pack.

In this six pack, the active protection lip glosses have sun screen for protection from the sun. These lip glosses are designed for the warmer weather and the beach. The organic lip glosses has shea butter, four organic oils, and fruit extracts. The visibly soft EOS lip glosses have cocoa butter, shay butter, and four moisturizing oils.

Each is packed in an attractive colorful round package that Toys 4 Life shows viewers in this video. She opens the Honey Apple lip balm and says it smells like fall apple orchards and maple syrup. The Vanilla Bean Mint smells like French vanilla coffee with a very strong mint scent. Toy 4 Life says the mint flavor is very strong.

Fresh Grapefruit is a newer brand for the warm weather that smells like fresh grapefruit juice. It has lip protection from the sun. This lip balm is designed for the beach and wearing to work or school in the warmer weather. Lemon Twist smells like lemon cough drops. This one is for lip protection in the summer, too.

The organic EOS lip balms are 100 percent organic with no artificial ingredients. The flavor vanilla bean smells like French vanilla coffee. The second flavor strawberry sorbet smells like fresh strawberries. The author of the video uses it on her lips and says its super hydrating. She thinks the EOS six pack will last her five years.

Toys 4 Life has used EOS Lip Balm and positively promotes the Lasting Hydration six pack. It would make a good holiday gift, present for birthdays, and special occasions.

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