Matt Badiali And His reasoning To Buy Silver

Matt Badiali is a natural resource investor. He is bullish about commodities such as copper, oil, and silver. Silver almost hit $50 an ounce in 2011 but has since been in a brutal downtrend. Those who follow the precious metals closely would say that placing your money in silver is probably a bad idea. Matt Badiali has his reasons for being optimistic about silver long-term. Mr. Badiali has proven himself as an individual who can choose outstanding resource stocks. He trained as a geologist for over twenty years before he stepped into the financial arena. Investors who have followed his recommendations have been able to double their money.

Silver prices hit a low this September not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. Matt Badiali feels that silver will perform well in the coming years, but he understands the forces that drove the metal down. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! The US dollar has been strengthening this year. The trade war rhetoric has made the US dollar a safe haven currency. Several counties are having their own currency issues and the citizens of their country are selling their currencies and buying US dollars. This is driving the strength for the US dollar higher. A strong Us dollar has typically resulted in weaker commodity prices.

Another factor Matt Badiali attributes to silver’s poor performance is the cryptocurrencies. With all the uncertainty in the world, people would have originally flocked to gold and silver. The cryptocurrencies appeal to these same investors because many of them are starting to distrust government currency. Many are adopting cryptocurrencies because they are not controlled by a central bank.

Matt Badiali does feel that silver could struggle in the next few months but long term he feels that silver is going to be a world great investment. He is very bullish on the electric car and like copper, silver will be needed in larger amounts in electric vehicles. Many countries are trying to produce cleaner energy and in doing so are going to be investing in major solar projects. There are a few analysts that feel that silver could go as high as $130 in the not too distant future. That would represent almost a tenfold increase from current silver prices.

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