Steve Ritchie Papa Johns’ Clears Up Controversial News

Papa Johns’ is a leading food producer of Pizza with over 120,000 franchise and corporate supplies deals around the world. This company has been smart in ensuring their customer get high-quality products. However, recent news aimed at destroying the company’s reputation and how it has surged was nothing but plain lies. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, the Papa Johns’ CEO said the company was on track.

In a letter written to the company’s customers, he wrote in response to the offensive report made public. He expressed his struggle during the past week following this defamation. He said that he understands how his customers were hurt but that report but said that that did not express the views of Papa Johns. The expression of racism and insensitive language does not represent Papa Johns, he even went further to say Papa Johns is a business entity and not a person. President and CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to his esteemed customers and attempted to explain how the company was committed to offering then better and high-quality food products and services.

Nonetheless, Papa Johns has established a roadmap following this. First, they will be hiring audit experts to access the financial position of this company, identify strengths and weaknesses and establish a clearer goal. The executive management team will get hands-on with their employees and franchisee businesses and have their opinion about the company’s operation. Transparency and accountability will also be an emphasized value in all the business processes and activities. on behalf of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie thanked their customers for their loyalty and pledged to continue serving them better.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer and President at Papa John’s International Inc.- a leading pizza company. He career kicked off at the Calistoga Bakery Café where he worked as an operations consultant for about three years. Steve Ritchie later joined Papa Johns in 1996 as Customer Service Representative. He has worked his way up moving from one rank to the next. He held positions such as being an Assistant manager, general manager, training manager, Supervisor, Operations director, and Vice President of the OST Global. He has also been a Vice President for various department and offices under Papa John before rising to become the COO, CEO and later the President of the Company in January 2018. He boasts of more than 20 years’ experience at Papa John’s International.


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