OSI Group is essence of the American dream

America is a country founded by immigrants. Those coming from lands abroad to the U.S. looking for a better life and opportunity is the essence of what is known as the American dream. One company which began with such humble roots is the OSI Group which is now a massive international food supplier.

Humble immigrant roots

Of course, OSI start out at the top of the heap. Actually the corporation started out as a small retail meat shop and butcher located in Oak Park, which is in the west portion of Chicago. The owner of the corner butcher shop, Otto Kolschowsky, came to the United States as an immigrant from Germany during the early 1900s. At the time, about a quarter of the city of Chicago consists of German immigrants. Chicago was also a major center for various American industries at the time.

Otto & Sons

Kolschowsky worked tirelessly to build his business which eventually paid off. After about a decade in business he had expanded the business into the wholesale food market. He also moved the company’s operations to Maywood, another suburb in the Chicago metropolitan area. Another decade later, in 1928, Kolschowsky rebranded the company as Otto & Sons.

McDonald’s partnership

As Otto & Sons, Kolschowsky continued to serve as a stable supplier of food to various retailers. However it was after the Second World War when the company made an important business strategic partnership which would propel it to an international corporation. Otto & Sons formed a partnership with McDonald’s, with the then-fledgling franchise’s first supplier of fresh meat.

Creation of OSI Group

A few years later McDonald’s became a major corporation with an rapidly growing number of regional restaurants. Otto & Sons was the main meat supplier for McDonald’s and supplying its main customer became its primary focus. McDonald’s eventually expanded to an international company with restaurants all over the world. Otto & Sons grew right along side of McDonald’s and eventually became a worldwide corporation known as the OSI Group.

OSI Food Solutions Is The Only Solution In Professional Food Services

The name OSI Food Solutions is synonymous with the term top food supplier. The food juggernaut has made a huge impact in people’s lives because it serves so many people. OSI Food Solutions is possibly the best food solution, especially when it comes to this particular topic. This is a 100-year-old business that started out as a local butcher shop. After receiving plenty of success, this butcher shop manifested into a wholesaler of food products. From Oak Park to Maywood was its trajectory, but OSI would eventually end up in Aurora. The great state of Illinois had something to be proud of, especially on a consumer level.

OSI company success has come via multiple avenues. This means that the company provides a number of beneficial services, including management, development, sourcing and distribution. Thanks to the many brilliant minds who specialize in culinary arts, the company is now a custom food producer. Taking someone’s idea and turning it into a reality isn’t a fluke. Many of the company’s food specialists have extensive backgrounds in global cuisine. Stewing, grilling, brewing, toasting, baking and frying takes place on a daily basis. OSI has really great safety protocols, which helps to ensure the public of total safety. There isn’t anything that’s left to chance with these professionals.

Pizza, fritters, panini, beef patties, hotdogs, meatballs, fresh dough products, flatbread, Tofu, onions, soups, chili, tomatoes, cooked sausage links, turkey products, pasta, cheese, marinades and many variety of foods can be ordered from this phenomenal company. OSI Food Solutions is at the top of its game right about now. Its supply chain is vast, its customer-base is huge, and its clients list is thorough. The future of food services is in great hands because OSI Food Solutions is a market leader the way by example.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns’ Clears Up Controversial News

Papa Johns’ is a leading food producer of Pizza with over 120,000 franchise and corporate supplies deals around the world. This company has been smart in ensuring their customer get high-quality products. However, recent news aimed at destroying the company’s reputation and how it has surged was nothing but plain lies. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, the Papa Johns’ CEO said the company was on track.

In a letter written to the company’s customers, he wrote in response to the offensive report made public. He expressed his struggle during the past week following this defamation. He said that he understands how his customers were hurt but that report but said that that did not express the views of Papa Johns. The expression of racism and insensitive language does not represent Papa Johns, he even went further to say Papa Johns is a business entity and not a person. President and CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to his esteemed customers and attempted to explain how the company was committed to offering then better and high-quality food products and services.

Nonetheless, Papa Johns has established a roadmap following this. First, they will be hiring audit experts to access the financial position of this company, identify strengths and weaknesses and establish a clearer goal. The executive management team will get hands-on with their employees and franchisee businesses and have their opinion about the company’s operation. Transparency and accountability will also be an emphasized value in all the business processes and activities. on behalf of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie thanked their customers for their loyalty and pledged to continue serving them better.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer and President at Papa John’s International Inc.- a leading pizza company. He career kicked off at the Calistoga Bakery Café where he worked as an operations consultant for about three years. Steve Ritchie later joined Papa Johns in 1996 as Customer Service Representative. He has worked his way up moving from one rank to the next. He held positions such as being an Assistant manager, general manager, training manager, Supervisor, Operations director, and Vice President of the OST Global. He has also been a Vice President for various department and offices under Papa John before rising to become the COO, CEO and later the President of the Company in January 2018. He boasts of more than 20 years’ experience at Papa John’s International.

Reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papa_John’s_Pizza

Alastair Borthwick: Famed Author And Climber

Alastair Borthwick is best known for the 2 books that he published during his career, Always a Little Further and Sans Peur. While these subjects of these books vastly different from each other, they both became quite popular and still frequently go back into print. He was born on February 17, 1913 and lived until September 25, 2003. He accomplished a lot during his life as a broadcaster, journalist, author, and military veteran.

After being born in Rutherglen, Alastair Borthwick and his family eventually moved to Troon and then Glasgow where he spent most of his life. Until the age of 16, he attended Glasgow High School. He made the decision to drop out in 1929 to pursue his career in journalism. He started off small as a copytaker before eventually starting his writing career. His first position was at the Evening Times and then the Glasgow Weekly Herald as a writer. The Weekly Herald was a small newspaper with Borthwick being only one of 5 people on their staff.

While writing for the Glasgow Weekly Herald, he covered a variety of topics but one of the most popular columns he wrote for was called “Open Air”. In this column, he frequently covered the sport of writing that had started to become a popular form of entertainment amongst the working class of Scotland. Previously, climbing was a sport that was mainly reserved for the well-off in society, many of who were not excited to see their sport become popular with others.

He wrote about these happenings in his book Always a Little Further. Alastair Borthwick noted the social events that had taken place during the transition that climbing experienced when becoming popular among the common people in Scotland. In addition to the documented social changes, the book also took account of the people that he came across and the sport itself.

His second book was published after he served in the military. He served during the Second World War as a private. Eventually, he became a war substantive lieutenant. Sans Peur recounted these times and was recently republished.

You can purchase Borthwick’s book here: https://www.amazon.com/Alastair-Borthwick/e/B001KDDV8E

Entrepreneur Paul Mampilly Discusses His Monthly Newsletter Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is an author, investor, and entrepreneur who once had a highly successful career as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. He now lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his family and operates a consulting firm he founded, Capuchin Consulting. He works with professional investors, offering them his insights and opinions on various unique investment ideas.

He also publishes Profits Unlimited. He partnered with Banyan Hill Publishing on this financial newsletter. It is directed at average investors and comes out once a month. Each issue is eight pages in length and he goes into detail on one specific investment opportunity he wants to share with his readers. In the first year of publishing this newsletter, he achieved a gain of 47 percent compared with the S&P 500 which returned 17 percent.

Back when Paul Mampilly was on Wall Street he entered a prestigious competition. This took place during 2009 when the stock market was at its nadir having collapsed in the Great Recession. Despite these issues, he built a starting position of $50 million into $88 million in a single year, the length of the Templeton Foundation challenge, and won.

He says he came up with the idea of Capuchin Consulting after not wanting to be a part of Wall Street any longer. Paul Mampilly says that Wall Street doesn’t help enough people and the ones it doesn’t help are already obscenely wealthy. He didn’t want to be in that environment anymore and wanted to use his investment skills and knowledge to help more people of regular means.

Each day Paul Mampilly and his team of analysts perform extensive research. Before he ever recommends a stock it has been researched for at least 30 to 40 hours. He then spends an additional 20 to 30 hours writing his newsletter about what company Paul Mampilly is recommending to investors that month.

He also puts example scenarios into each issue of Profits Unlimited. These illustrations make it easier to see how a stock he is recommending might work out for his readers. He also includes charts and data but in a way that makes them simple enough to follow that his readers will actually use them.

Meet Gareth Henry: He’s A SuccessFul Hedge Fund Manager And Math Wizard

Gareth Henry is a person that you could say is a real math whiz. Mr. Henry studied actuarial mathematics while attending the University of Edinburgh, Scotland at 32. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2000, Mr. Henry worked in management research for a couple of years at Watson Wyatt.

Mr. Henry also ended up joining the U.K. asset management company Schro­ders. At Schroders, Gareth worked his way up to being their product manager within the group. Gareth Henry ended up leaving Schroders to join the alternative asset managing company situated in New York City called Fortress Investment Group (FIG). He joined FIG to help with its marketing efforts in 2007.

Gareth Henry ended up becoming the managing director at FIG a few years after joining the well-known firm. He was responsible for raising capital in the Middle Eastern, European, and African markets. Because of the experience he built at Fortress, he was able to turn that hard work, relationship building, and his math wizardry to get involved with pension funds, sovereign wealth funds as well as insurance companies. Gareth was able to manage FIG’s 4 billion hedge fund business.

In 2016, Mr. Henry took his many years of valuable experience from Fortress to Angelo, Gordon & Co. Indeed, Angelo is also involved in alternative investments like Fortress and is also based in New York City. Gareth Henry has led groups in many different locales across the globe and was a crucial part of the team at Angelo, Gordon & Co. Gareth has earned a stellar reputation in the alternative asset industry. He has been considered phenomenal in all facets of his job.

Angelo, Gordon & Co is a company that believed in strengthening their executive team so that they can provide the best services to their clients. While at Angelo, Gareth Henry worked closely with their prominent leaders in the company’s investor relations department, like Garrett Walls.

Angelo manages portfolios that are worth 20 plus billion along with real estate. This New York-based company manages a 1.3 billion dollar real estate fund that was hatched in 2015.

The Power of Smart Investing Research and Strategies with Stansberry Research

The Stansberry Research LLC provides super actionable investments research and recommendations for individuals to swiftly and easily self-manage their portfolios. It’s a subscription-based publisher that offers financial software and information serving over millions of investors globally. According to their website, the company agenda is offering two simple principles of giving their subscribers information in a reversed manner and also publishing of analysts with strategies and advice that is easy to follow.


Porter Stansberry is the founder and the head writer of the Stansberry Research. He states that the company offers a different range of investments options provided by experienced analysts. It delivers different investments philosophies and strategies leading to the publishing of varied opinions, policy, and recommendations.


The Stansberry Research multi-franchise approach also helps in giving ideas in a far and greater breadth of creating more diverse and winning opportunities to the subscribers. Their different investments philosophies focus on using the ignored, unloved and unknown methods thus giving the subscribers a low-risk reward opportunity.


According to Frank Porter Stansberry, his company provides the pre-market briefing on various trading opportunities of the global stock, commodity and currency market. It outlines the news and prices update of global stock markets including oil, gold, copper and individual market. Stansberry Research publishes the recommendations, opinions, and strategies on the daily and weekly basis and also offers various commentaries on the economic and financial news.


Stansberry Research LLC believes in a long-term relationship with their subscribers since it enables then provide consistently actionable, reliable and profitable analysis resulting in renewable income. As a result, the company puts more effort is getting clients who desire lifetime subscriptions at a lower total cost. Frank Stansberry believes that accountability and transparency is the key to providing their clients with reliable measures and routine performances through the publication of their monthly track records.


Stansberry Research began its operations in 1999 with its central headquarters in Baltimore Maryland. The founder Porter Stansberry boasts in having the pedigree of the most respected financial advisor with his biggest claim of fame being a prediction of the mortgage crisis. Stansberry Research provides over 20 expert financial and economic analysts creating regular education to its subscribers.


Business Opportunities with Jeunesse

Starting a new business is a dream for many people. However, starting a company requires a lot of time and money. Selling products is a standard way for people to get started in business.


Jeunesse is a cosmetic company that offers an excellent investment opportunity. The company has a direct selling program for people who want to earn additional income each month. The initial investment fee is reasonable, and many people make extra income in the program.


Selling Products


One of the reasons that the direct selling program is so successful is the type of products sold by Jeunesse. The cosmetic products use quality ingredients that customers enjoy. Unlike some cosmetic companies, Jeunesse does not attempt to increase profits by degrading product quality. The company only uses reputable factories to manufacture the products.


Business Tips


Direct selling is not easy. Many people struggle to establish a business in the first few months. The most successful direct sellers invest a ton of time each month into their business. Some sellers even pay for a website. One of the biggest advantages of working with Jeunesse is that the company sells products in dozens of countries around the world.


Initial Fee


Compared to many direct selling opportunities, the initial fee to get started with Jeunesse is reasonable. The company offers a payment plan for people who want to join the program. Most people repay the initial investment in only a few months.


Future of Jeunesse


With the rapid growth of Jeunesse, the future is bright for the company. There are multiple growth strategies the company can utilize to increase sales in the future. Some people speculate that the company will start selling new products in the coming years. Others believe that Jeunesse will purchase a smaller company. It is an excellent time to join the team at Jeunesse.



Jed McCaleb’s intervention through Stellar, in the world’s financial industry

The financial industry is one of the most delicate sectors of the economy that needs serious intervention because its level of efficiency significantly determines a nation’s level of economic growth and development. One of the significant factors t be considered in this sector is the availability of banking facilities in the countries and the speed of transfer of currency from one person to another. There are a lot of entrepreneurship gurus that have come up with the ways t make the sector efficient enough to enable economic development of the world. One of these gurus is Jed McCaleb who is the founder of the stellar online financial Network.

Before having the idea for Stellar, according to Jed McCaleb, he was working with the Bitcoin where he was one of the founders, and he realized that although bitcoin involves the transfer of currency from one person to another, many people especially a large population f the worlds adults do not have bank accounts. According to him, the main reasons that many people do not hold bank accounts is because banks can’t afford the high maintenance costs to serve even the customers that come from the low-income regions, especially from the rural areas.

As mentioned in globalcoinreport.com, Banks require a lot of authentication form the clients when opening bank accounts and other banks also need a lot of initial deposit by the clients when opening new accounts. This is one of the reasons why many people especially the low-income earners are discouraged from opening bank accounts. As a result, there is the emergence of increase in the rate f poverty. This is because less banking facilities mean that there are fewer savings and more crimes. Crimes are as a result of robbery when people save their money in their houses. In addition to this, the can even be fire outbreak and some natural calamities that make it unsafe for people to keep their money in their homes. Read more at Crunchbase.com.

As a result of all these observations by Jed McCaleb, he was able to come up with the idea of Stellar to try and increase efficiency in the financial sector. Stellar serves all the groups in the economy unless bitcoin that used to help only the legit group of people in the marketplace. According to him, this is just the beginning. He still has many goals to achieve in the sector.

Get more information: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=236125603&privcapId=275522707

Jed McCaleb- co-founder of Stellar Payment System

Bitcoin’s system of transferring money utilizes a system of mining rigs. These are computers which are kept always running such that they can help to keep the system secure. Bitcoin rewards miners with bitcoins as a result of the mining activity. During mining, the system completes numerous mathematical algorithms which keep all transaction safe such that users lose no money. The mining rigs, however, require huge amounts of energy supply. The power consumption of mining machines is too high. This is the system which is currently being used.

As mentioned in globalcoinreport.com, although the system has been running well for years now, it is not the most convenient method. We need to move on to a technology that will solve the needs of today in the industry. Right now, the industry wants to see the inclusion of better payments methods that will allow people to use cryptocurrencies for payment. The disaster with the bitcoin system is that it only allows transaction in bitcoin. It cannot be used for payments purposes.

Amidst all the problems associated with the current systems, there is one organization which is ready to work for a solution to the needs of the industry. Stellar development Foundation is an organization founded in 2014, which is currently trying to come up with a payment system that addresses the challenges facing the cryptocurrencies. The biggest thing that needs to happen to the industry right now is acceptability. Acceptability of the digital currencies will be seen when the world will accept these currencies to be used as a payment method.

Stellar under the leadership of Jed McCaleb who is the founder of the organization is committed about the creation of a single payment system that will allow people to send money in cryptocurrencies but the recipient to receive it in the form he or she would like; it could be dollars, pound, yen, etc. This is where the innovations in the industry are leading to. Jed McCaleb has high hopes on Stellar to accomplish this goal. Jed McCaleb is a pioneer in the industry. He joined in 2010 after the invention of the bitcoin. A year later, he had created an exchange platform known as Mt. Gox.

Get in touch: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn