Steve Ritchie Papa Johns’ Clears Up Controversial News

Papa Johns’ is a leading food producer of Pizza with over 120,000 franchise and corporate supplies deals around the world. This company has been smart in ensuring their customer get high-quality products. However, recent news aimed at destroying the company’s reputation and how it has surged was nothing but plain lies. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, the Papa Johns’ CEO said the company was on track.

In a letter written to the company’s customers, he wrote in response to the offensive report made public. He expressed his struggle during the past week following this defamation. He said that he understands how his customers were hurt but that report but said that that did not express the views of Papa Johns. The expression of racism and insensitive language does not represent Papa Johns, he even went further to say Papa Johns is a business entity and not a person. President and CEO Steve Ritchie apologizes to his esteemed customers and attempted to explain how the company was committed to offering then better and high-quality food products and services.

Nonetheless, Papa Johns has established a roadmap following this. First, they will be hiring audit experts to access the financial position of this company, identify strengths and weaknesses and establish a clearer goal. The executive management team will get hands-on with their employees and franchisee businesses and have their opinion about the company’s operation. Transparency and accountability will also be an emphasized value in all the business processes and activities. on behalf of Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie thanked their customers for their loyalty and pledged to continue serving them better.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer and President at Papa John’s International Inc.- a leading pizza company. He career kicked off at the Calistoga Bakery Café where he worked as an operations consultant for about three years. Steve Ritchie later joined Papa Johns in 1996 as Customer Service Representative. He has worked his way up moving from one rank to the next. He held positions such as being an Assistant manager, general manager, training manager, Supervisor, Operations director, and Vice President of the OST Global. He has also been a Vice President for various department and offices under Papa John before rising to become the COO, CEO and later the President of the Company in January 2018. He boasts of more than 20 years’ experience at Papa John’s International.


OSI Group Progress

OSI Group is a food firm led by Sheldon Lavin. The company embraces rewards and challenges of cutting edge technology. It is currently among the largest food producers across the world.

Company History

OSI started as a butcher shop in Chicago before becoming the primary supplier of McDonald’s chain of restaurants. Mr. Lavin has led the food-producing firm towards embracing new technologies and strategies to increase its efficiency and lower environmental footprint of the company operations.

New strategies and techniques are developed and adapted in the company as it faces the global demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. This has contributed to the entity receiving various prestigious sustainability titles like the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the California Green Business Award. The recognitions are the crowning accomplishments of an illustrious and long business career to Lavin.

Today, OSI Group is a large company with more than 20,000 workers worldwide. It has opened 65 plants in 17 countries. In 2016, the entity was position 58 according to Forbes for its large size and a net worth of $6.1 billion. OSI adaptation to new technology allowed it to join an era of impressive growth. The introduction of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing technology opened new opportunities in food storage, production, and transportation. Otto & Sons were the first to adopt these advancements and the choice to look for funding allowed the company integration and basis for transformation into OSI Group. See this article at

OSI Group Sustainability

Development efforts and robust research always support OSI pursuit of sustainable strategies. It has set up two innovation centers in the US and China. These facilities work on developing new techniques and strategies to lessen the environmental effects of its operations. They help in developing efficient consumer friendly and supply chain product lines. In 2017, the company created a sustainable unit and appointed Nicole Johnson-Hoffman as the department head. OSI Group is currently a global supplier of value-added protein outputs, fruits, and vegetables. It aims at serving the world with its fresh products.

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Alastair Borthwick: Famed Author And Climber

Alastair Borthwick is best known for the 2 books that he published during his career, Always a Little Further and Sans Peur. While these subjects of these books vastly different from each other, they both became quite popular and still frequently go back into print. He was born on February 17, 1913 and lived until September 25, 2003. He accomplished a lot during his life as a broadcaster, journalist, author, and military veteran.

After being born in Rutherglen, Alastair Borthwick and his family eventually moved to Troon and then Glasgow where he spent most of his life. Until the age of 16, he attended Glasgow High School. He made the decision to drop out in 1929 to pursue his career in journalism. He started off small as a copytaker before eventually starting his writing career. His first position was at the Evening Times and then the Glasgow Weekly Herald as a writer. The Weekly Herald was a small newspaper with Borthwick being only one of 5 people on their staff.

While writing for the Glasgow Weekly Herald, he covered a variety of topics but one of the most popular columns he wrote for was called “Open Air”. In this column, he frequently covered the sport of writing that had started to become a popular form of entertainment amongst the working class of Scotland. Previously, climbing was a sport that was mainly reserved for the well-off in society, many of who were not excited to see their sport become popular with others.

He wrote about these happenings in his book Always a Little Further. Alastair Borthwick noted the social events that had taken place during the transition that climbing experienced when becoming popular among the common people in Scotland. In addition to the documented social changes, the book also took account of the people that he came across and the sport itself.

His second book was published after he served in the military. He served during the Second World War as a private. Eventually, he became a war substantive lieutenant. Sans Peur recounted these times and was recently republished.

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OSI Industries Is Steadily Becoming The Largest Food Supplier On The Market

The United States is home to one of the largest food processing companies in the entire world today, though the original owner of this company was born in Germany and came over in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky moved over to the US for a better life and within a couple years, he was starting to live it after he opened up a small meat market. Otto started this company in Chicago and at the time there wasn’t very much competition in the area. Despite this, Otto’s business stayed rather small for many years before getting a boost. Find out more at to learn more about OSI.

By the 1930’s, Otto’s business was gaining more traction in the area and was even beating out the competition throughout Chicago as primarily a meat market. The real change came during the 1950’s as businesses started rising and new methods for preserving meats were developed. OSI Industries managed to get a contract with McDonald’s before they were a major corporation, which ended up being their largest and longest lasting contract to date. As the relationship between McDonald’s and OSI Industries grew, the more facilities OSI was able to open up, with a few even specifically dedicated to McDonald’s. As one of the fastest growing food chains in the country at the time, McDonald’s managed to take OSI industries alongside it. WIth OSI Industries growing faster than ever before, they started thinking bigger and wanted to expand the company into new areas outside of the United States.

OSI Industries took on its official name sometime in the 70’s after Sheldon Lavin joined up with the company as a partner and the original owners gave him the privilege to rename the company OSI, although they had to agree to the name. At this point, the old owners of the company were all retiring and Sheldon started to take over expand OSI alongside McDonald’s.

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Deirdre Baggot Expresses Her Passion And Love To Help Others In Healthcare

If you are looking for an overachiever in the medical field, then Deirdre Baggot is one to be reckoned with. With her history of extensive medical education, she has quickly become known for her avocation and passion to help others.

She started her passion in the nursing field, and then quickly excelled up the ladder into a doctoral degree. She shares that she has a passion to help others on the topic of bundled payments. She went to school at the University of Colorado and received her Doctoral Degree with flying colors. In addition, to top that off she also obtained her Master’s in Business Administration at the Loyola University School of Business in Chicago. During that time and after she shares that she has more than ten years of experience in the healthcare field. Therefore, she knows her stuff and only considers helping people with her knowledge. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

With the knowledge of understanding how medical bills can be overwhelming and concerning to patients, she has share how patients can manage the payments in an easier manner when they consider bundle payments. She has published more than 20 papers on this topic and only wants to continue her passion. Deirdre Baggot also expressed that not only the patients can benefit from the bundled payments but also the nurses, doctors, and the staff. With the thousands of payment methods that are being addressed, having the ability to put them together in a bundled payment makes the stresses reduce tremendously. Deirdre Baggot states on Harvest Centre, “Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency” Her dedication and passion towards helping people in the medical industry only show how much of a heart she has. With her ability to take the bundled payment topic to a new level of insights, we can only expect to see an abundance of prosperity and fruitfulness in her future. Read more:



GreenSky Credit is more Econ textbook than tech

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most celebrated companies in the fintech sector. Whereas some of its competitors, like OnDeck and Lending Club, have crashed and burned under poor leadership and hairbrained business models, GreenSky Credit has done nothing but grow since its inception. The company has been less focused on dazzling investor PR and more focused on eliminating serious inefficiencies in the U.S. retail lending market. Today, the company that seems like it actually paid attention in economics class is doing more business than any of its utopian fantasist competitors. And it may be nearing the point of finally going public, a deal that could value the company at upwards of $10 billion.

GreenSky Credit always makes money for its partners

One by one, all of GreenSky Credit’s old friends in the fintech industry are gone. The aforementioned once-giants of fintech, OnDeck and Lending Club, never made money for anyone involved. This was largely due to the fact that those firms insisted on ignoring the basics of economics. NINJA loans and microlending might work in leftist economic fairy tales. But in the real world, they end up ineluctably in default, with investors holding the very foul bag.

GreenSky Credit, on the other hand, has focused on prime borrowers who were interested in completing value-additive projects. Because these borrowers often have FICO scores in the 800 range and even higher, the company’s major lending partners, including Region’s Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp and Sun Trust, are more than happy to extend loans on excellent terms. And the contractors who serve as in-field sales agents for the firm are able to complete many big-ticket projects that they otherwise would not have gotten. But the real kicker is that the homeowners themselves often end up completing projects that add far more to the value of their homes than the overall cost of the project itself. This means that literally everyone walks away a winner. GreenSky Credit makes money for all its partners, on every deal.

It’s no wonder, then, that the company has continued to experience massive year-over-year growth. When everyone walks away happy, one’s reputation can only be enhanced.

Stream Energy is Making a Difference through their Philanthropic Endeavors

Giving back to communities and to people is an expectation that most companies now fulfill. They make it a point to assist people who are suffering financially and who need a helping hand to make a better life. Stream Energy is connected to communities and people within the city of Dallas and the state of Texas. They know what needs to be done and they go to the extremes to help people out.

Hurricane Harvey happened last year in September. This catastrophic event forever changed lives in the Texas area. Many people lost a lot of things during that event. Some people are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Other people who endured this tragedy have been completely shut down and never was able to move on from it. Thankfully, organizations like Stream Energy is available to help them out.

Stream Energy doesn’t just give money, they give back other resources as well. They help people with homework, childcare and they provide assistance to people in need. Stream’s definition of help is meeting people and meeting their needs right where they are at. Homeless people within the city of Dallas understands this truth.

Programs are set up by stream which helps to get people back to work. They also ensure that people who struggling with hunger get food. They even help vets to get special meals when the need arises. They also take young children out to fun places for a special day. Homeless children are sometimes taken out by Stream to water parks and other places of amusement. The point is that Stream is able to do a lot for people young and old.

Many organizations that rate charitable giving know that Texas is one of the worst places for giving. This is going to change. Many Texan companies are committed to making this happen. This is another reason why they are stepping up their contributions and their effort to changing lives. Stream Energy gives because they know it is the right thing to do and the right way to go.

Shervin Pishevar: Silicon Valley is no Longer the Innovation Hub it used to be

Technology is currently the most crucial factor in the world as it is presently adopted and implemented in all areas to make things more efficient. Individuals can now use robots to increase production in the organization than what the companies used to do sometimes back without the current innovation. Shervin Pishevar notes that for a long time, the United States has been the leader in the field of technology.

Silicon Valley has been the leader in all innovations, especially when the world was moving toward the digital era, which forced many countries to start contemplating on finding the best investment opportunities so that they can easily compete with the United States. However, it was difficult to compete with Silicon Valley because the government had invested heavily in this area to the point that it was not possible to replace Silicon Valley as technology and innovation hub in the world.

Shervin Pishevar notes that the pride that Americans had is long gone and that other countries have replaced the United States as innovation hubs in the world today. For example, China has become an innovation destination for a significant number of electronics and other mechanical objects that are exported to other parts of the world, including the United States. You will also find other countries, especially those in the East African region is the leading innovators in the mobile money transfer.

The problem is that the United States has implemented some policies that are not working in favor of the country towards innovations. Shervin Pishevar repeatedly highlighted that the government is implementing policies that are removing immigrants from the country who have played a significant role in the innovation process. However, this should not be taken too seriously as Shervin Pishevar is himself an immigrant and he might be driving a point home.

The country should, therefore, change its current policies and try to find its way back to the glory days. However, the strategies adopted and implemented must be so radical to the point of dealing with the technology that is adopted by other countries such as China, which is building a complete and functional railway station within a day.

OSI Food Solutions double production of chicken products

OSI Food Solutions is a top food producer in the world. The demand for its products has been going up every year, forcing it to take expansionary measures to meet the demand from the customers. As part of the expansion plan, the company has expanded one of its plants in Europe. The OSI food plant in Toledo, Spain has added 22,600 square feet. The expansion is meant to accommodate increased activities in the plant.

After the expansion of the facility, OSI Food Solutions is expected to double the production of chicken products. The plant will now be producing 24,000 tons. Previously, production stood at 12,000 tons. Total production from this facility now stands at 45,000 tons annually.

The expansion of this facility was necessitated by the trend in demand for chicken products in this region. According to statistics relied on by OSI Food Solutions, the demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal had gone up significantly. In the past one decade, there has been a consistent increase in demand. In the past three years, the demand has gone further up to 8 percent from the previous 6 percent. This growth is an indication that we are looking at a possibility of the demand rising further in coming years.

With such expectations, it was appropriate for the business to take up expansionary measures such that even if demands increases by a huge margin, they can still be able to provide the services.

OSI has through this expansion create job opportunities. The number of workers in this facility has increased by 20. There has also been an addition of a kitchen for product development. The company is expected to increase the products portfolio after the expansion. They aim to serve the people in this region in the best way possible.

OSI Food Solutions has also embraced sustainability in its recent expansion. The new facility is installed with equipment that has significantly reduced energy consumption. In the new facility, energy consumption has gone down by 20 percent.

The company is committed to meeting the demands of their customers by offering them affordable and healthy food products. The expansion of the plant in Toledo is just one of the many that have happened in recent years.

The Power of Smart Investing Research and Strategies with Stansberry Research

The Stansberry Research LLC provides super actionable investments research and recommendations for individuals to swiftly and easily self-manage their portfolios. It’s a subscription-based publisher that offers financial software and information serving over millions of investors globally. According to their website, the company agenda is offering two simple principles of giving their subscribers information in a reversed manner and also publishing of analysts with strategies and advice that is easy to follow.


Porter Stansberry is the founder and the head writer of the Stansberry Research. He states that the company offers a different range of investments options provided by experienced analysts. It delivers different investments philosophies and strategies leading to the publishing of varied opinions, policy, and recommendations.


The Stansberry Research multi-franchise approach also helps in giving ideas in a far and greater breadth of creating more diverse and winning opportunities to the subscribers. Their different investments philosophies focus on using the ignored, unloved and unknown methods thus giving the subscribers a low-risk reward opportunity.


According to Frank Porter Stansberry, his company provides the pre-market briefing on various trading opportunities of the global stock, commodity and currency market. It outlines the news and prices update of global stock markets including oil, gold, copper and individual market. Stansberry Research publishes the recommendations, opinions, and strategies on the daily and weekly basis and also offers various commentaries on the economic and financial news.


Stansberry Research LLC believes in a long-term relationship with their subscribers since it enables then provide consistently actionable, reliable and profitable analysis resulting in renewable income. As a result, the company puts more effort is getting clients who desire lifetime subscriptions at a lower total cost. Frank Stansberry believes that accountability and transparency is the key to providing their clients with reliable measures and routine performances through the publication of their monthly track records.


Stansberry Research began its operations in 1999 with its central headquarters in Baltimore Maryland. The founder Porter Stansberry boasts in having the pedigree of the most respected financial advisor with his biggest claim of fame being a prediction of the mortgage crisis. Stansberry Research provides over 20 expert financial and economic analysts creating regular education to its subscribers.