JD.com plans to create underground delivery system

JD.com is an online website that sells a wide variety of products for customers and is one of the giant online retailers of China. JD.com was created by entrepreneur and businessman Jingdong. The company is very good when it comes to delivery of products and now will be committing itself to building an underground network to deliver products like noted entrepreneur Elon Musk plans to do as well. The plans were announced at this year’s Global Smart Chain Summit, which was in Beijing. They will be creating a grand scheme of tunnels and a system fitted with logistics for accurate data and support. They will be getting help from many individuals from Nankai University and other Universities throughout Beijing and Shanghai.

The company will have to figure out whether they can use logistics in the underground tunnels for delivery. The interesting delivery system could prove to be very good as it will provide great delivery for people in urban settings. Overpopulation and the creation of new buildings and gases have created environmental pollution for its population in China. Factories and other facilities have also caused this shift, along with earthquakes and other environmental disasters. If JD.com could create these underground tunnels for delivery, it would benefit in reducing environmental pollution and create logistics.

China believes that they can make sure of all the space available to them and that the underground tunnels would also reduce traffic and contribute to urban space. This is not the only project that JD is working on, as they are operating some stores, using robots for delivery, and are using a warehouse for their products. JD.com offers individuals an unrivaled online experience and are using the power of technology in today’s age. According to their website’s homepage, they are a Fortune Global 500 company and have only increased their revenue throughout the years under Jingdong. JD.com has proven to be reliable with their convenient ordering system and fast delivery service to customers.

GreenSky Credit is more Econ textbook than tech

GreenSky Credit has become one of the most celebrated companies in the fintech sector. Whereas some of its competitors, like OnDeck and Lending Club, have crashed and burned under poor leadership and hairbrained business models, GreenSky Credit has done nothing but grow since its inception. The company has been less focused on dazzling investor PR and more focused on eliminating serious inefficiencies in the U.S. retail lending market. Today, the company that seems like it actually paid attention in economics class is doing more business than any of its utopian fantasist competitors. And it may be nearing the point of finally going public, a deal that could value the company at upwards of $10 billion.

GreenSky Credit always makes money for its partners

One by one, all of GreenSky Credit’s old friends in the fintech industry are gone. The aforementioned once-giants of fintech, OnDeck and Lending Club, never made money for anyone involved. This was largely due to the fact that those firms insisted on ignoring the basics of economics. NINJA loans and microlending might work in leftist economic fairy tales. But in the real world, they end up ineluctably in default, with investors holding the very foul bag.

GreenSky Credit, on the other hand, has focused on prime borrowers who were interested in completing value-additive projects. Because these borrowers often have FICO scores in the 800 range and even higher, the company’s major lending partners, including Region’s Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp and Sun Trust, are more than happy to extend loans on excellent terms. And the contractors who serve as in-field sales agents for the firm are able to complete many big-ticket projects that they otherwise would not have gotten. But the real kicker is that the homeowners themselves often end up completing projects that add far more to the value of their homes than the overall cost of the project itself. This means that literally everyone walks away a winner. GreenSky Credit makes money for all its partners, on every deal.

It’s no wonder, then, that the company has continued to experience massive year-over-year growth. When everyone walks away happy, one’s reputation can only be enhanced.