A Closer Look at the Bottles that Hold Waiakea Water

Even though water is generally looked at as a healthy beverage, there are plenty of factors that are looked at when it comes to the health of the water. Among the factors that are looked at is the type of container that is used to hold the water. One of the most common containers for holding water is the plastic bottle. However, there have been a lot of comments made about how plastic is actually bad for water. For one thing, there are a lot of contaminants in plastic that carry into the water. Many people suggest glass as a better container for water.

Even though plastic may have tons of contaminants, there are other factors in the water. One of the factors of the healthiness of the water is the source. Many waters come from acidic sources. Fortunately, Waiakea water is one of the waters that are very healthy. Not only is the water coming from the best source, but a lot of care is taken for the packaging of the water. The packaging is done in a way that makes sure that the quality of the water is maintained so that people will be able to enjoy more of the health benefits that come with the drink.

There are plenty of different containers being considered for the Hawaiian volcanic water. One is a degradable type of bottle. This is to make the water product more environmentally-friendly. Even the other bottle they have been using has something that even glass doesn’t have. While glass is considered a better alternative than plastic, there are factors in place that people have to consider like how it is cleaned. One good thing about the plastic that Waiakea uses is that it is considered carbon neutral. Therefore, people are able to enjoy the water without any worries of health problems.