Dick And Betsy DeVos- Hometown Change Makers

Dick DeVos was quickly rising up the corporate ladder of Amway. The company was founded by his father. In the early 90s, Dick put his work on hold to fight a proposed plan floating around that would forever change his beloved city of Grand Rapids. He heard rumors that there was to be a new convention center and sports arena built. DeVos was not a fan of this project and felt it would be very detrimental for the town. He called around and found other local business owners to fight with him. Together, they formed the Grand Action group.


Heirs To Fortunes


Dick and Betsy DeVos are both heirs to their respective family fortunes. They have spent much of their lives trying to make changes in educational and political institutions. They are mega-donors for the GOP and their political influences have paved the way for big changes in state laws regarding labor and education.


Betsy has successfully worked to expand school voucher programs and charter schools. She is currently the Secretary of Education under President Trump. As a couple, they founded a charter school at the Grand Rapids airport called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick is a lover of aviation and a self-made pilot. The charter school he began centers around his love of flying.


Dick Appointed Civilian FAA Member


In September 2017, Dick was appointed to the civilian FAA panel. The panel is made of 13 members who help to advise the FAA’s senior managers on issues such as regulatory matters, spending, policy and long-range planning.


Each member will serve for a three-year term and are expected to continue to work in their private and public sectors. The members meet each quarter to discuss current news and policies. The FAA advisory council feels that Dick is going to be a great asset. They know about his deep roots in the field of aviation as a pilot. As a team, they will work to create a strategic course of action for the agency. DeVos was one of seven new FAA civilian council members to be sworn in on September 8th.


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Dialed in with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest’s longstanding career in radio and television has made his voice one of the most recognizable in show business. His charisma and work ethic has made him one of the most successful hosts on television and he continues to be sought after as a cohost on many media platforms. What his fans may not know is that he is just as successful, if not more so, behind the camera as well. In addition to his hosting duties, Ryan is a production mogul at the E! channel and is responsible for producing some of the most popular shows on TV. Ryan is also heavily involved in his children’s charity, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which just opened its newest location.

While American Idol jumpstarts the careers of aspiring singers, the show is also responsible for making Ryan Seacrest a household name as well. Ryan’s ease and comfortability in front of the camera, along with his personable nature with contestants make him a popular host that the audience loves. While the show has changed networks and judges over the years, Ryan maintains his steady and reliable presence and continues his hosting career on the show to this day.

Though Ryan hosts American Idol in L.A., that hasn’t stopped him from co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan on Mondays in New York City. After Michael Strahan left Live, ABC embarked on a long search for the right co-host for Kelly Ripa. Though many celebrities took turns in the co-host chair, ABC and Kelly selected Ryan after a lengthy search.

When Ryan isn’t co-hosting with Kelly or on set at American Idol, he keeps busy with his many other endeavors. He launched his own clothing line, Distinction, in 2014, and Polished, a skincare line for men, in 2017. Ryan also hosts the freshly launched On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM, which goes back to his longstanding history in radio hosting. Perhaps Ryan’s greatest passion is his foundation work. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation builds media students in children’s hospitals, inspiring children while they battle illnesses.

Ryan Seacrest’s Office Social Media Accounts:

Tony Petrello’s Efforts For The Community’s Welfare

Some companies are not always about the profit that they get from the community where their operations are based. There are companies that genuinely care about the overall welfare of the community, and this is realized after disaster strikes.

In 2017, Houston together with other near vicinities in Texas were hit severely by Hurricane Harvey. Streets were flooded, homes were destroyed, and the food was scarce because basic essentials were desperately in demand on a large scale. Some prominent businesses in Houston took it upon themselves to offer help immediately. The H-E-B, Houston Food Bank and Nabors Industries were quick to respond.

In a regular work day, the employees of Nabor Industries – a local drilling entity are commonly found getting coffee from the Naborhood Café, in the in-house fitness center, or at the barbecue pit within the workplace. But they can also be seen in special events, fund raising activities and other community projects because giving back is a vital part of the company’s culture, and is a thing that Tony Petrello the CEO of Nabors Industries is keen on.

After Hurricane Harvey wrecked the city, the employees of Nabors Industries helped with the relief efforts, taking time off from work. As per Tony Petrello, they went where help and support where needed. To show that the employees’ efforts were appreciated and the company is grateful for their assistance, they were given paid time off to go about and give aid.

Tony Petrello gave an equal amount that matches the contribution of the company’s employee’s relief contributions that amounted to $173,622. The fund was named Nabors Disaster Relief fund, which was used to support hands-on relief activities. Nabors Industries likewise erected its on-site kitchen equipment to be utilized for the recovery efforts by preparing and cooking hot meals in large quantities three times a day for the local families.

Anthony Petrello is the and Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Nabors Industries Ltd., the largest natural gas drilling company in the world. Tony Petrello graduated from Harvard University and Yale University. He and his wife take their social responsibilities seriously, and he says that as Nabors Industries grow so should their donations to charitable causes grow too.

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Heroes And Those With The Name of Soros

The effects of one man on a nation can be great. For this very reason does mankind uphold its heroes. These heroes come in all forms, shapes and sizes. But this diversity, according to men like George Soros, is the beauty of the world. Diversity is an aspect of nations that must be accepted in order to spur growth and happiness. Learn more about his profile at forbes.com

But it takes a lifetime of work to really make an impact in that manner. That’s why, when George Soros announced his departure from charity, the world was amazed and almost paralyzed by the idea. That idea was one where money, power and influence were no longer being leveraged for the greater good of the world.

But then we all got news of a larger transition in the life of Mr. Soros. That news, during Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was of George Soros returning to charity. The results were obvious, and talk about making a major comeback. He did so with a donation of roughly $25 million to boot. The Hilary PAC was obviously happy with it.

This is an amount most people will never earn within their entire lifetimes. It’s a sum also that most of the world could never earn in order to give out as charity. So when “pillars in society” are effectively working for the greater good, these are the moves we see and uncover. We see a great man returning from retirement and to do good work.

And this isn’t the extent of the contributions that George has ever made. The list is almost unending. Only recently did Mr. George Soros shock the world. His did so by getting involved with the Ferguson protests and even funding them. This was a move no one would have foreseen. It makes one imagine where his work will end off or if it ever will.

Even in old age and with a solid handful of years left to his life, George’s passing still results in major work in philanthropy. His family will carry on his name and see that his name is not tarnished. Though Mr. Soros stepped down from his mutual fund, he has not stopped making money. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

What he generates in retirement is alone enough to make a world impact and wow bystanders of all kinds. May his work never end and may he remain the heart of charity that the modern world knows.


Mrs.Devos is an American woman entrepreneur and an Education reformist. She was elected as the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States. She has been on the frontline leading a liberal life, and she has also contributed significantly in Politics. Mrs. Devos was born on 8th January 1958 in Holland Michigan. As a Republican in the USA Betsy has worked as National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992-1997. By the same token, she has served as a Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party as from 1996-2000 and later in 2003 she resumed the same seat. Edgar Prince, her father, is a known billionaire industrialist has been a motivation and mentor to Betsy. She has always dreamt of leading a successful life and helping others to make the replica.

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Liberal life journey of Betsey Devos

Betsy is a philanthropist; she likes helping the less advantaged in the community. The Bush Re-election, in 2004 she managed to raise a huge amount of cash of about $150000 which was the incredibly substantial amount for to raise. Then when Bush was in power, Mrs. DeVos was elected as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Since 1989 she has managed to release more than $ 17 million to the political cycle that involves the committees and political candidates.

Similarly, Betsy Devos launched a charity foundation in collaboration with her husband called Dick and Devos Foundation in 1989. The Dick and Devos Foundation has won accolades since its establishment including the latest in 2015, Forbes named the company that it was 24th in the America’s top givers in charity works. In 2015 the Foundation contributed $ 11.6 in charity contributions, and in total, over the years the foundation the company has donated over $139.

Betsy is a force to reckon. She is a real warrior when to education and helping people lead a prosperous life. Her personality has made interact with many individual mentoring giving them the best advice on how to lead a successful life.

Generally speaking, Mrs. Betsy’s passion has achieved more, and she continues to inspire with her hard work to have many people be successful.

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George Soros: The Philanthropic Zoro

In this day and age, accountability has never been as important as it is now. Multi-billionaire George Soros is one of those people with a long standing track record of being accountable. Time and time again, Soros has been the agent of change where change was scarce. For over 30 years, Soros had been an advocate for democracy. Also, his philanthropy has not gone unnoticed. His organization Open Society Foundations has bulldozed through the walls of communism and human injustices in 100 countries and counting. Soros has always been a beacon of hope for those in need. During the apartheid era, Soros gave scholarships to black South Africans. To date, he has given away over an estimated 12 billion dollars. Based on his actions, it is safe to say greed is not in his vocabulary. In modern times, his philanthropy has extended to aiding the LGBTQ community fight for their rights.

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Few people can look at George Soros without being in awe. This self-made billionaire worked tirelessly to a net worth estimated to be around 20-25 billion dollars. Soros redefined ways to invest by building an empire off of hedge funds. He is one of the wealthiest people of all time. His upbringing is also story of admiration. Soros was such a force to be reckoned with; even Adolph Hitler could not stop him. Born in Hungary, Soros and his family managed to evade the tyrannical rule of the Nazis and attended London School of Economics. Soon after, Soros would leave for America, where he would become a United States citizen.

At the age of 86, Soros has left the world with a legacy that will be observed for many years to come. George Soros has proven he is a world leader that is not afraid to call out political regimes known for their crimes against humanity. His impact can be felt across the world, particularly the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. In closing, George Soros is a legendary figure. Follow George Soros on Twitter.