Oncotarget Stands Out as an Online Repository for Clinical Research Data

Oncotarget is an online journal that has been focusing on oncology topics since 2010. As a publishing company, Impact Journals is the brains behind the success of Oncotarget. Furthermore, the journal boasts editing contributions from researchers such as Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. These editors ensure that articles released on Oncotarget have a unique and broad scope. Mikhail is known for his anti-aging and oncology research publications. He once formulated a hypothesis on how TOR signaling can remedy cancer and age-related diseases.

Over the past decades, several publications on topics such as signal transduction, tumor suppressors, and cellular processes have been published. Impact Journals released Oncotarget as a journal targeting studies on these topics. The journal facilitates the translation of clinical research to basic research. It ensures that topics, such as oncology, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and cell and molecular biology, are broadly covered.

In the diverse medical fields that exist today, several therapies have been adopted. These treatments help in treating life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Furthermore, drugs for treating such diseases are being developed by pharmaceutical companies. Oncotarget ensures that readers are emancipated on how the therapies and drugs work.

Derivation of the Word “Oncotarget.”

The word Oncotarget was coined from three scientific terms. These include oncogene, oncoprotein, and target. The term “oncogene” has been used in over 160,000 research papers. Consequently, the word “oncoprotein” has been used in over 150,000 papers while “target” has been used in over 500,000 papers. However, the word “Oncotarget” has not been utilized in any research paper published in the PubMed database. Impact Journals focused on releasing a new journal that covers several targets on clinical and transitional research.

Articles published in the journal also feature systematic perspectives, opinions, and reviews. Oncotarget is projected to make a high impact on the dissemination of clinical and medical research data. This vision would encourage the development of drugs and therapies for treating diseases that attack the cell. For an average reader, Oncotarget’s articles strive to keep you abreast of clinical research. As a peer-reviewed journal, readers of different literacy levels can read and understand Oncotarget’s articles. Follow Oncotarget on https://twitter.com/oncotargetjrnl?lang=en