Securing Payment Processing And Wireless Technology

A System So Big It Goes Unnoticed


There’s a certain irony in the idea that an existing infrastructure larger than four football fields could go unnoticed. For this we have to explain a few concepts about the private industry. Securus Technologies is a leading technology manufacturer for this private sector. The private sector consists of agencies and government operations that must be away from public sight.


This discrete character of the private sector is how large systems can exist while never seen. The system we uncover is built by Securus Technologies and uses a duplication process for the wireless systems we have in place. Cell phones are popular devices that enable a lot within the palm of a person’s hands. This becomes a potential danger when entering private facilities.


Recreating Wireless Technology For The Benefit Of Security


The solution Securus has is simple. Recreate a wireless system that can span an entire area, and capture all the wireless signals which go in and out of it. What this equates to is a normal distribution of antennas and data centers that allow cell phone signals to operate through. The agency then adds a few more features to enable greater security.


The objective is to control wireless calls or signals that enter and exit a decided area. This results in the ability to dictate who is calling, from where, what number, the carrier and whether or not the signal is safe. Securus has the power to simply disconnect any unwanted calls that try to enter.



Catching Signals Worldwide And Making Payments Secure


The system built by Securus Technologies has terminated over 1 million illegals call within its first year of operation. The statistics are stunning the world. There’s a clear realization that the security measures taken by agencies like this are taken for a good reason. There are constant, unwarranted activities that go in and out of private industry.


Securus Technologies an Indispensable Tool for Crime Prevention

Preventing crimes from occurring takes more than a skilled officer, it requires making use of the technologies available in a way that gives the police the advantage despite not knowing when those crimes will be committed. Even though we saw cutbacks in the force this year, we made it back with the help of a company that developed a telephone monitoring system that has become an indispensable tool for preventing crimes.


Securus Technologies installed a new telephone monitoring device in the local prison, and me and my fellow officers took a ride there one day to see the system in action. The way the monitor works is it replaces officers that were in a call center listening to inmates use the phone, and it scans every second of all the calls being made, then alerts officers if something is being said of concern. The corrections officers use the system in the jail to identify when inmates are discussing things like drugs or weapons, and it has been effective and cutting down on violent episodes in that facility.


Securus Technologies employs over a thousand of the most dedicated and hard-working team players in the world, and they all work at a single objective, making the world safe. The CEO, Richard Smith, explained to my team the system is already in over 2,675 jails, and it can help officers outside the prison too. We found out just how important this device was to helping officers on the streets too.


An inmate was on the phone taking about a fugitive we were looking for, and once we got the alert, we focused our efforts on who he was speaking to on the phone and discovered this family member was harboring that fugitive from us. This could have taken months to do without that system.


Protecting Citizens with Securus Technologies Phone System

When it comes to protecting our citizens, my job as a fugitive hunter is keeping the streets as safe as possible by getting those who cause harm in jail where they belong. We had a really troublesome situation with a fugitive on the loose in our town, and it was about to get worse if he was not located and brought to justice soon. Already convicted of three violent crimes, his escape from custody had an entire nation on edge. Unless we could locate this suspect quickly, he put anyone he comes in contact with in severe danger because he already made it known he was not going to jail without a fight.


One of the first things that I do when hunting fugitives is return to the jail they escaped to collect information from eyewitnesses. This can be difficult considering no inmate will openly talk to the police for fear they will become a target of violence. Even those who have a beef with the suspect are approached in jail, they would rather spend more time in jail than help the authorities. If they are even suspected of talking to the police, not only are they labeled rats, they become the targets of violence in jail for the rest of their time behind bars.


When the corrections officers on duty that day in the prison told me Securus Technologies recently installed a new inmate call system, I wanted to learn more. This company is at the forefront of this industry, already in over 2,000 prisons, the CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees all share the belief that they are going to make the world safer for us all. That was the kind of backing we need when we are in a search for someone who could potentially destroy a life without the lightest regard. Every hour he was on the streets was putting a community in harm’s way.


Once I knew who installed the system, I wanted to dive in and learn about the LBS software immediately. This system can do the work of a dozen officers, working around the clock to monitor call made by the inmates and decipher the communications dependent on key phrases or words. It wasn’t long after I leaned how the system works that I began hearing chatter from inmates bout our suspect.


It winds up that one inmate in particular had very close ties to our fugitive, and his inquires to his family over the phone only helped us to go in a new direction and eventually right to the door where the suspect was hiding. We attacked with excessive force so the suspect had no idea what to do but surrender.