Trabuco’s Development Before Extinction

The way that war is carried out has changed a lot over the years. What was very beneficial to people long ago would not be able to stand in war now. The weapons that were popular long ago required a lot more work than the weapons available now. No arm would be able to win a war trying to operate a machine that requires 250 people to operate.

The weapons available now only require one person to operate, and some don’t require a person at all they work alone. Many weapons that couldn’t be used now went into extinction after the creation of gunpowder according to One weapon that gunpowder sent into retirement is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco was a weapon that was used to crush the wall of the enemy or whatever else they user wanted to crush. The weapon commonly launched stones that weighed hundreds of pounds, but they did not only launch stones off them. It has been said that people launched bodies and animals off the catapult as well. Whatever they had on hand was used. The Trabuco was able to fire off four shots within one minute. The weapon was created in China but made its way to the Middle East. Once the weapon arrived in the Middle East, the Arabs altered the weapon to operate at a level that they felt would be a lot more beneficial.

After the Arabs were satisfied with the way that the weapon worked after they modified it, they went to Europe to sell it to the Europeans. By the time they sold it to the Europeans the weapon was referred to as the Hybrid according to The functions and details of the weapon had the Europeans sold. They purchased the weapon and used it during the Crusades. After gunpowder was created, they vanished.