Alex Pall- The Chainsmoker’s Creative Endeavors

Reaching out for the stars beyond, feeling like the music is apart of who you are, and being so in touch with those feelings that the stars don’t seem so distant after all, That is the kind of music that The Chainsmokers produce.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have made music that touches the souls of people in a unique and almost profound way. Their music production has aimed at the hearts of many individuals around the world with no boundaries to age or race.

Pall tells the world a story about his passion through his nostalgia and love for dance music. For Taggart it was the same, he had a deep sense of love for music. Both Pall and Taggart have an unbreakable passion for their creative endeavors.

The Chainsmokers have kept their aspirations fresh with creating distinctive works of music such as their hits “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

They have released a newer hit single called “Closer” where they take a pristine approach to music production as a whole. Pall mentions that not a lot of music producers actually write their own lyrics. The Chainsmokers write their and lyrics, and since they do, it gives them a greater sense of freedom with their music.

Aside from their outstanding approach to creating individualistically unique music, they also take an approach to using social media as a platform to boost their audience. They’ve been able to reach out to people in countries such as South Africa and the Philippines which goes to show how passionate they are to share their music with the world.

With each passing hit they create, Pall and Taggart thrive to build off of having a unique and fresh outlook on their music style. They won’t be stopping their production anytime time soon as The Chainsmokers thrive off of creating and the momentum of always having something new to create. They thrive on the challenge of keeping their music fresh to the ears of many around the world.

Tour A Tokyo Airbnb Apartment With Kim Dao

YouTuber Kim Dao moves around a lot. Anyone who has watched Kim Dao’s YouTube videos knows that she has called many apartments in Tokyo home over the past few years. In one recent vlog, which was entitled “Tokyo Apartment Tour – Airbnb | Chilling at Tokyo Tower,” Kim Dao takes her viewers on a tour of an Airbnb she rented for a few weeks in Tokyo.Learn more :


Kim Dao gets right down to business at the start of this video. She begins by showing us the area where you place your shoes before entering the main area of the apartment. Next, we see the spare room with two spare beds. Although Kim had some friends over, none of them decided to stay overnight.


After touring the spare room, Kim Dao shows viewers both the washroom and the bathroom. Then she shows a mirror, a kitchen area, a dining room, and her bed. Kim admits that she never really used the kitchen when she was in this Airbnb.Learn more :


With two minutes to spare, Kim Dao checks out of her Airbnb on time and heads back to her own apartment to edit some of her videos. For dinner, Kim Dao gets some delicious dumplings and soup.Learn more :

At nighttime, Kim Dao goes to a park with friends and eats some ice cream. She closes the video with beautiful images of Tokyo Tower all lit up.Learn more :