A Partner to Financial Success

Nexbank is a well-known financial institution headquartered in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company is one of the subsidiaries of the Highland Capital Management, and James Dondero acts as the chairman of Nexbank. The premier financial institution has been around for more than ten years, and they keep on expanding because of the positive reputation that they have instilled in their clients. The company offers three major services – mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. Through the three major services that Nexbank offers, they managed to grow significantly, and they transformed into a multi-billion dollar company. Presently, Nexbank posted a $6.4 billion worth of assets, and it resulted from the services that the company provides.

James Dondero announced his delight regarding the status of the company, and he stated that because of the continued trust from their clients, Nexbank would try out new services that would allow their clients to earn more profit from investing with them. The track record posted by James Dondero in managing the Highland Capital Management is one of the reasons why Nexbank continues to grow – and people are aware of his performances, and they wanted someone like him to oversee their investments.

Recently, Nexbank announced that they would be working with the city of Dallas and other adjacent cities to provide financial services to the public. Back in 2016, Nexbank partnered with an organization called the Dallas Neighborhood Homes and the Habitat for Humanity (Dallas Area), and they signed an agreement stating that loans will be provided to those who wanted to get their own homes. Many people signed up for the program, and Nexbank distributed more than 100 loans. The distribution of the loans would take up to five years to complete, and people from poverty-stricken areas are the ones who will be receiving the initial assistance. Their ZIP codes will also evaluate Their condition, and if they passed the screening, the family would be given their own home.

The southern part of Dallas is home to a lot of families who are striving hard to get their own homes. The locals highly anticipated the news about the loans that will be provided by Nexbank, and they stated that they have been waiting for the chance to get their own homes through goodwill programs, like the one offered by Nexbank.

Rocketship Education Responds To Some Critiques Of How They Educate Students

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education is an organization that operates several free, public K-5 charter schools. They mainly teach children from lower-income households. 90% of the children qualify for free lunch, for example. Many are also learning English for the first time at these schools. The goal is to provide a great education that will put each student on the path to one day attending college.

NPR ran an article about Rocketship Education that has been critiqued for leaving out the full story. The article was critical, bringing up issues such as long hours, tight discipline, too much pressure to do well academically, and rigid classroom protocols. The parents of students pushed back on these critiques, though, and wrote about how great the schools are and how well their children are doing in a blended learning environment.

As it turns out, the writer of the article chose to “balance” her story by talking to one set of happy parents and another set of unhappy parents who had pulled their child out of the school. She also referred to Rocketship Education as a company, implying it is a business, when it is actually a nonprofit. Another news publication, Washington Monthly, tried to interview the author of this article as well as the editor in order to get clarification but NPR refused to make them available.

Rocketship Education employs traditional teaching methods as well as the use of technology to educate students. Early on they relied upon technology too much but have since struck a better balance after figuring out the best way to teach children. The way they teach has led to high test scores. The way they manage classrooms is by having specific bathroom break times and “silent time” at different parts of the day so that the students can concentrate on their work. As they point out, if there isn’t strong classroom management in place a school will quickly become chaotic in nature.

At the end of the day, Rocketship Education uses a model that is quite similar to what other charter and district schools use to educate students.

Chris Burch Believes in Helping Clients

Since Chris Burch knew what he was doing when he started helping other people out, he felt that was an important part of his career. He also felt there were things that would allow him the chance to keep giving people positive opportunities. Chris Burch continued hoping to help people for the future and that’s how he made sure he was doing the best job possible no matter where he was at or what he was doing. By the time Chris Burch started offering other people the chances they needed for success, he had a lot of experience running a business, source (Medium.com).

When Chris Burch started the original company he was a part of, he knew what he wanted to do and felt comfortable doing it in every way. He also felt there were things he could use that would help him with the future and that’s how he pushed to enjoy different opportunities. Chris Burch liked giving people the things they needed and wasn’t afraid to always give back to different causes, helpful source on chronicleweek.com. His business was successful because of how hard he worked and it made sense for him to do the best job possible. Even though Chris Burch felt confident he could give people better opportunities, he knew it would take a lot of work to get there.

For Chris Burch, the point of running a successful business was so he had a chance to do things the right way. It was his goal of creating positive interactions between other people and the things they did to get the help they needed. Chris Burch felt confident in his own business skills and was truly an entrepreneur. He always wanted them to realize they had someone who was on their side and someone who knew what they were doing when they were getting the help they needed.

It made sense for Chris Burch to start a creative capital firm. When he started Burch Creative Capital, he knew the business would thrive like the rest of his companies did. He also felt there was a chance he could help more people through the way he did things. Since he had a lot of goals for the future and he made sure he could help them in every way possible, Chris Burch felt confident on his own and felt there were times when he had to come up with new opportunities for his clients.


Vijay Aswaran’s Insights on Qualities of a True Leader

Telling people what to do does not define a leader. People view Servant leadership differently. Vijay Eswaran told Business For Home that his closest philosophy that is dear to him is the one that he learned from his father. At his early age, he learned from his father about what he calls, service above self. He watched his father work assiduously to improve the life of other people and what he could do to support altruistically.

A true leader cares for the need of others. While growing up, Vijay was profoundly influenced by books on the life as well as philosophies of great servant leaders. These leaders included Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. These were ordinary people who became remarkable leaders as they realized their purpose in service for others. They devoted their entire lives to the object that they believed was bigger than themselves.

True leaders distinguish themselves from ordinary leaders with certain qualities. First, caring. In an organizational setting, a leader who takes care of his people will never worry about customer services. A true leader knows that when you take care of the employees, they will, in turn, take care of customers. Servant leadership means caring without restraint, without constraint, and even without condition.

Secondly, extraordinary leaders have a clear vision. When workers see that their leaders know what they are doing and are aware of where they are heading, they get motivated. It is essential realizing that when you are servicing others, you are part of a grand comprehensive plan. When a servant leader communicates clear vision people know what they are supposed to do and notably feel they have roles to play in achieving the vision.

The third quality is core values. Values are the foundations that support the whole structure of servant leadership. Other attributes of servant leadership include a commitment to growth and creating a will to sacrifice.

Business Opportunities with Jeunesse

Starting a new business is a dream for many people. However, starting a company requires a lot of time and money. Selling products is a standard way for people to get started in business.


Jeunesse is a cosmetic company that offers an excellent investment opportunity. The company has a direct selling program for people who want to earn additional income each month. The initial investment fee is reasonable, and many people make extra income in the program.


Selling Products


One of the reasons that the direct selling program is so successful is the type of products sold by Jeunesse. The cosmetic products use quality ingredients that customers enjoy. Unlike some cosmetic companies, Jeunesse does not attempt to increase profits by degrading product quality. The company only uses reputable factories to manufacture the products.


Business Tips


Direct selling is not easy. Many people struggle to establish a business in the first few months. The most successful direct sellers invest a ton of time each month into their business. Some sellers even pay for a website. One of the biggest advantages of working with Jeunesse is that the company sells products in dozens of countries around the world.


Initial Fee


Compared to many direct selling opportunities, the initial fee to get started with Jeunesse is reasonable. The company offers a payment plan for people who want to join the program. Most people repay the initial investment in only a few months.


Future of Jeunesse


With the rapid growth of Jeunesse, the future is bright for the company. There are multiple growth strategies the company can utilize to increase sales in the future. Some people speculate that the company will start selling new products in the coming years. Others believe that Jeunesse will purchase a smaller company. It is an excellent time to join the team at Jeunesse.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Award Winning Corporate Leader

     It is not often that we get to hear of C.E.Os or Directors outside of the United State, but Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is surely one name that has surpassed that expectation. Being a Brazil nationality, Luiz has had recognition both nationally and globally. From a clerk at just the age of 17, to a currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at a company by the name of Banco Bradesco, it shows what a great career he has had, growing from the very bottom to the very top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born on October 6th, 1951 and would later graduate from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP). He furthered his studies, adding to his degree a postgraduate degree from Fundação School of Sociology and Politics in Socio-Psychology.

After joining Banco Bradesco as a clerk, Cappi works for fifteen years in various capacities until he was appointed marketing director where the bank’s relationship to the media improved as it was viewed to be more modern. In his tenure at Bradesco, Cappi has solidified the bank’s leadership in Brazil, and more than doubled its size, taking up a 25% share in the market.

After a 40 years’ experience which included being in charge of marketing, and also serving as Managing Director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed President of the bank in 2009 becoming its fourth president. As President, he oversaw more growth for the bank, with his biggest success coming in 2015 when led the purchase of HSBC which many in the country viewed as the largest business of that particular year. The acquisition of HSBC also served as the largest the bank had ever done.

For a period of ten years, from 2006 to 2016, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has received nine awards for his tremendous work including ‘Insurance Personal of the Year’ twice, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in finance category’, ‘A 100 most influential Brazilians in the country’ and his greatest coming in 2016 when he listed by Forbes Magazine among the ‘Best CEOs in Brazil’.

Having worked all his life in the banking and insurance sector, it is worth noting that Cappi has done it all in his field of work, and deserves all the credit he has received plus much more.

Learn more at http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5153264/bradesco-novo-presidente-saira-do-corpo-executivo-afirma-trabuco.

Finance Firm HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is an organization based in Los Angeles. It is a registered investment advisory firm (RIA). Its mandate is to advise its clients on investment opportunities and to analyze market performance for its clients. HCR Wealth Advisors points out financial risk and helps to protect its clients from exposure to uncertainties in the markets. The organization enhances the excellent relationship with its customers by offering education and ensuring there is active communication with clients. They maintain strict confidentiality of client’s information and security for their assets and investments. To achieve its objectives data analyses is critical.

Daily Forex Report says that an analysis of data ensures that they evaluate the market and make well-informed investment decisions. The data is analyzed to an individual level to filter the information to unlimited data that fit personal goals. HCR Wealth Advisors has assets under management (AUM) of over $1 billion.  It promotes personalized financial advice which can help navigate the volatile economic environment. An unstable economic climate can be hazardous to invest in and requires analyzed data to make wise investment decisions. HCR Wealth Advisors provides information which carries risk/return portfolios and evaluation of advantageous and disadvantageous portfolio returns to each client.

Many of its clients have been with them for over ten years, and HCR Wealth Advisors plans to empower them, advice and collaborate with them. The economic world is not where it was in 20 years ago. Things keep on changing carrying both investment opportunities and exposure to market segments risk.  HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that it analyzes each sector independently to determine which division could yield higher returns in future. In 2017 central bank policy curtailed potential financial risks in the financial sphere. The Federal Reserve raised its interest rate three times, and this will result in the economic environment accommodating this trend in 2018. 2017 was a volatile year and investments were exposed to a lot of risks. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, advisory data analyses have proved that a year of low volatility follows a volatile year. This suggests that 2018 might be a good year for investment in the United States.

HCR Wealth Advisors’ Social Platforms:
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Facebook: facebook.com/HCRwealth/

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The Financial Impact of HCR Wealth Advisors on Its Clients’ Investments

HCR Wealth Advisors is located in Los Angeles and helps its clients manage their wealth. It does this by offering investment and financial strategies that are tailored to their clients’ goals and needs. The principal objective of HCR Wealth Advisors is to build strong business relationships with all of its customers by helping them achieve their financial goals. The main priority of the firm is its clients; they are always first before anything else, including money. This principle helps ensure that HCR Wealth Advisors meets and even exceeds its client’s expectations.

One characteristic of HCR Wealth Advisors that has enabled the firm to build and maintain solid professional relationships with their clients is transparency. This concerns fees charged on the clients for the services rendered. HCR Wealth Advisors offers very transparent and straightforward rates to its customers. Customers need not worry about any unexpected or hidden charges that might arise during or at the end of the investment period.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) is a full-fledged financial advisor, rather than purely a money manager, as noted by financialservicedirectory.com. The two terms sound the same, but they have deeper aspects that distinguish them from one another. The main objective of a money manager is to assign portfolio assets, hoping that their values will surpass that of the stock market.

Wealth advisors, on the other hand, utilize an all-inclusive method to understand their clients’ needs and hence can deliver beyond the customers’ expectations. This makes their approach more relationship than performance-oriented. Understanding their clients’ needs helps HCR Wealth Advisors gain extensive knowledge about their clients and understand how future events might impact their financial positions. With this knowledge, the firm can help clients plan for the unknown and help protect their clients’ wealth from adverse economic effects.

Further details: https://www.holdingschannel.com/13f/hcr-wealth-advisors-top-holdings/

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Hussain Sajwani’s Contributions to the Development of Dubai

Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Arab Emirate. Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties. The company’s specialty is in the development of the global property. Before the establishment of Damac Properties, Hussain Sajwani pioneered the expansion of the real estate market in Dubai. In the middle of the year 1990, Hussain noticed the growing population of non-emirates in Dubai. The non-Emiratis flew into Dubai to carry out their business activities and trade. Hussain Sajwani then constructed several hotels for their accommodation.

According to Saudi Projects, Hussain went to Washington University. After completion of his studies, Hussain began his career experience. Mr. Sajwani began in GASCO as a contracts manager. After some years of experience, Sajwani utilized his innovative skills to establish a business of his own. Hussain Sajwani became a sole proprietor in 1982 when he started his venture in the catering sector. In 2002, he formed DAMAC Properties after the identification of a market opportunity. Since then, DAMAC Properties has developed to be among the largest property firm in the Middle East.

DAMAC Properties has created many jobs for the people of Dubai. It employs almost 2000 employees. The company has shares in the Dubai Financial Market. The possibility to feature in the Dubai Market is contributed to by the company’s attributes. DAMAC Properties has the best records of track in the luxury development sector. Up to date, Damac Properties has made delivery of over 16,800 homes. This includes development portfolio of almost 44,000 units at different progress and planning phases.

Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani, is recognized both in his home country and globally. Hussain has successful records in the capital markets and the global equity. Mr. Sajwani holds various portfolios in investments worldwide. He owns the DICO Investments Co LLC. This company’s primary concern is in private equities, acquisitions and private mergers. Hussain Sajwani also partners with individuals globally.

He values people whose focus is geared towards success. Hussain is currently working together with the president of United States of America, Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump’s family are also at par. With various partnerships, Hussain has managed to turn Dubai into the most glittering and glamorous destination.

Full report: akhbarak.net/news/2018/

Ryan Seacrest: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Ryan Seacrest is a notable celebrity that has many accomplishments associated with his name. Seacrest is a producer for many hit television shows like American Idol and Keeping up with the Kardashians. According to the Hollywood Reporter, on top of making a move from Los Angeles to New York and producing T.V. shows, Ryan Seacrest is a radio show host, morning T.V. host (along with Kelly Ripa), and he owns his own skin care and clothing lines. Seacrest has a lot on his plate that requires some balance to hold everything in place. Waking up about six in the morning to shave and shower allows Ryan to get ahead of his daily activities. Seacrest credits matcha tea in the morning as a way to set the tone for his body because of the many great things in the tea. A traveling trainer helps Seacrest stay on routine with his workouts and absorbing overnight news helps him stay on top of all the current events.

Balancing many aspects at once comes with a lot of trial and error. Seacrest credits self-discipline as the reason he is able to schedule what takes up his morning, afternoon, and evening. Placing long-term deals in the afternoon works best for him and he had to learn that not every question needed an immediate answer. Being willing to say yes to many opportunities helps to create a successful business venture. Ryan Seacrest cites wanting to eat well and drink wine as the reasons he pushes himself to work as hard as he does. Setting his phone down and learning to meditate has helped Ryan relax and find peace within his busy lifestyle. Living a successful life means knowing when to rest and relax as well as knowing when to get things down.

Media outlets are the means in which Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has built his brand. It makes sense that he would create a foundation, appropriately named the Ryan Seacrest foundation, that seeks to bring Seacrest Studios to pediatric hospitals so that patients can experience the creative release of radio, television, and other forms of media. Not only does Ryan Seacrest want to work for his own reward of wine and good food, he also wants to help children have more opportunities to find their own creative outlets.

Read this post here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/