Protecting Citizens with Securus Technologies Phone System

When it comes to protecting our citizens, my job as a fugitive hunter is keeping the streets as safe as possible by getting those who cause harm in jail where they belong. We had a really troublesome situation with a fugitive on the loose in our town, and it was about to get worse if he was not located and brought to justice soon. Already convicted of three violent crimes, his escape from custody had an entire nation on edge. Unless we could locate this suspect quickly, he put anyone he comes in contact with in severe danger because he already made it known he was not going to jail without a fight.


One of the first things that I do when hunting fugitives is return to the jail they escaped to collect information from eyewitnesses. This can be difficult considering no inmate will openly talk to the police for fear they will become a target of violence. Even those who have a beef with the suspect are approached in jail, they would rather spend more time in jail than help the authorities. If they are even suspected of talking to the police, not only are they labeled rats, they become the targets of violence in jail for the rest of their time behind bars.


When the corrections officers on duty that day in the prison told me Securus Technologies recently installed a new inmate call system, I wanted to learn more. This company is at the forefront of this industry, already in over 2,000 prisons, the CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees all share the belief that they are going to make the world safer for us all. That was the kind of backing we need when we are in a search for someone who could potentially destroy a life without the lightest regard. Every hour he was on the streets was putting a community in harm’s way.


Once I knew who installed the system, I wanted to dive in and learn about the LBS software immediately. This system can do the work of a dozen officers, working around the clock to monitor call made by the inmates and decipher the communications dependent on key phrases or words. It wasn’t long after I leaned how the system works that I began hearing chatter from inmates bout our suspect.


It winds up that one inmate in particular had very close ties to our fugitive, and his inquires to his family over the phone only helped us to go in a new direction and eventually right to the door where the suspect was hiding. We attacked with excessive force so the suspect had no idea what to do but surrender.


Heroes And Those With The Name of Soros

The effects of one man on a nation can be great. For this very reason does mankind uphold its heroes. These heroes come in all forms, shapes and sizes. But this diversity, according to men like George Soros, is the beauty of the world. Diversity is an aspect of nations that must be accepted in order to spur growth and happiness. Learn more about his profile at

But it takes a lifetime of work to really make an impact in that manner. That’s why, when George Soros announced his departure from charity, the world was amazed and almost paralyzed by the idea. That idea was one where money, power and influence were no longer being leveraged for the greater good of the world.

But then we all got news of a larger transition in the life of Mr. Soros. That news, during Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was of George Soros returning to charity. The results were obvious, and talk about making a major comeback. He did so with a donation of roughly $25 million to boot. The Hilary PAC was obviously happy with it.

This is an amount most people will never earn within their entire lifetimes. It’s a sum also that most of the world could never earn in order to give out as charity. So when “pillars in society” are effectively working for the greater good, these are the moves we see and uncover. We see a great man returning from retirement and to do good work.

And this isn’t the extent of the contributions that George has ever made. The list is almost unending. Only recently did Mr. George Soros shock the world. His did so by getting involved with the Ferguson protests and even funding them. This was a move no one would have foreseen. It makes one imagine where his work will end off or if it ever will.

Even in old age and with a solid handful of years left to his life, George’s passing still results in major work in philanthropy. His family will carry on his name and see that his name is not tarnished. Though Mr. Soros stepped down from his mutual fund, he has not stopped making money. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

What he generates in retirement is alone enough to make a world impact and wow bystanders of all kinds. May his work never end and may he remain the heart of charity that the modern world knows.

Tour A Tokyo Airbnb Apartment With Kim Dao

YouTuber Kim Dao moves around a lot. Anyone who has watched Kim Dao’s YouTube videos knows that she has called many apartments in Tokyo home over the past few years. In one recent vlog, which was entitled “Tokyo Apartment Tour – Airbnb | Chilling at Tokyo Tower,” Kim Dao takes her viewers on a tour of an Airbnb she rented for a few weeks in Tokyo.Learn more :


Kim Dao gets right down to business at the start of this video. She begins by showing us the area where you place your shoes before entering the main area of the apartment. Next, we see the spare room with two spare beds. Although Kim had some friends over, none of them decided to stay overnight.


After touring the spare room, Kim Dao shows viewers both the washroom and the bathroom. Then she shows a mirror, a kitchen area, a dining room, and her bed. Kim admits that she never really used the kitchen when she was in this Airbnb.Learn more :


Before Kim Dao leaves her Airbnb, she sits back, relaxes, and finishes her coffee. She talks about her struggles to find ideas worthy of being included on her main channel.


With two minutes to spare, Kim Dao checks out of her Airbnb on time and heads back to her own apartment to edit some of her videos. For dinner, Kim Dao gets some delicious dumplings and soup.Learn more :

At nighttime, Kim Dao goes to a park with friends and eats some ice cream. She closes the video with beautiful images of Tokyo Tower all lit up.Learn more :



IDLife Goes One Step Ahead in Serving its Customers

IDLife is famous and a speedily burgeoning company that specializes in Health and Wellness. Recently the IDLife joined hands with Garmin Limited (GRMN), which is a top company of wearable devices technology. The joint venture of IDLife and GRMN would enable the customers of the former to buy the products of the latter such as activity trackers and IndexTM Smart Scale. The website of IDLife will start featuring these products from June 2017 onwards. As the result of this partnership between the two famous companies, there is going to be an expansion in the choices available for the customers of IDLife in future. This unique partnership will provide the customers of IDLife an opportunity to access the GRMN products data through a mobile app. The mobile app of IDLife IDWellness, once integrated with the data of GRMN, will enable the customers of IDLife to easily manage their health and wellness.

Being a Health and Wellness company, IDLife is committed to disseminating a salubrious and simple way of life. The company readily offers its high standard modified products full of nutrients and vitamins to its customer. Over the years, the services and products of IDLife have had a productive impact on the lives of people across the country. The company helps its customer lead a healthy life by providing them with an easy set of tasks on daily basis. With its recent partnership with GRMN, the IDLife is set to enhance its services quality. The joint venture by IDLife brings a number of health-related tools at the disposal of the customers who use the mobile app run by IDLife. The synchronization between the IDLife and GRMN was brought about by the two health wellness companies’ desire to forge a trend of healthy lifestyles.

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Logan Stout is the founder and the owner of IDLife. The personality of Logan Stout demonstrates a large number of qualities and skills. He is not only a brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist but also an erudite author and motivational speaker. It was because of his multifarious qualities and leadership skills that he has been able to generate billions of dollars in revenue in a short time. He is widely known for his motivational and keynote speeches through which he inspires the aspiring entrepreneurs and business students.

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Toronto Surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie, Pioneers Growing Field of Regenerative Medicine

The idea of regrowing bones may sound like something from a science-fiction novel for most people. Thankfully for the patients of Canadian surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie, bone regeneration is an incredible reality. As a professor, surgeon, and entrepreneur, Dr. Clokie helps patients to regrow lost sections of their jaws in order to streamline the healing process.

While previous methods of jaw reconstruction involved shaping and grafting preexisting bones to repair damaged segments, Dr. Clokie’s method encourages stem cells to grow in a gel that can be easily is easily molded while cold and hardens when warm.

The gel is sculpted into the damaged portion of a patient’s jaw, dissolving and allowing bone tissue to regrow in its place. This procedure not only drastically reduces healing time, but also allows the natural growth of blood vessels and other structures nearby.

Though this method has often been used in spinal reconstructive surgeries, Dr. Clokie was determined to help his patients by adapting it to his field of practice. With 30 years of experience in academic dentistry and the title of 1998’s Head of Maxillofacial Surgery, he was more than suited for this challenging task.

The protein used in this procedure, known as bone morphogenetic protien, or BMP, is found among other regenerative proteins in human bones. Discovered in the 1950s by Dr. Cameron Clokie’s mentor, Marshall Urist, BMP opened the doors to an entirely new field of regenerative medicine. Dr. Clokie was determined to bring this therapy to as many patients as possible, and has worked tirelessly to make that a reality.

Some challenges that Dr. Cameron Clokie initially faced included the cost of the procedure and the amount of stem cells required to complete it. The cost can be more than $6,000 dollars for each patient, and the use of BMP in jaw reconstruction is not often covered by insurance.

In order to reduce the cost and supply enough bone to collect the required cells, Clokie is researching a method of implanting the gene that creates the BMP into goat embryos, allowing it to be produced in their milk in large quantities.

Currently, Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics, and hopes to use this company in order to advance the use of BMP in regenerative medicine. He often delivers lectures and writes papers in this field, hoping to spread the knowledge to others that can aid their patients in recovery.

Lifeline Screening Fills The Gap

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides medical screening for people who want to find out more about what is going on with their health. Many people feel that they can get by without seeing their doctor on a regular basis for checkups. That can be dangerous, however, because things tend to creep up on us in regard to our health and blindside us.

That is where Lifeline Screening comes in because they can make available pre-preemptive information to help us be more informed and proactive with our health. For the most part, people who want these tests, they have to get a referral from a doctor to go to a more expensive facility or the hospital.

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There are three basic tests that are offered. The ultrasound is similar to the test given to pregnant moms when they want to know if she is going to have a girl or a boy. Sound waves are directed toward the person’s body and the internal organs are immediately displayed on the screen.

Ultrasound can see the blood flow in the arteries which identifies any blockages. It can also check for bone density which indicates whether or not a person has osteoporosis.

The second test is a finger-stick blood test where just a few drops of blood is needed to come up with a full lipid panel that checks for cholesterol levels. It shows the HDL and the LDL cholesterol levels along with numbers for triglycerides. Glucose levels are measured for diabetes and liver enzymes for liver disease.

The third test is a limited electrocardiograph. This tests for atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib, as it is also called. This is an irregular heartbeat which can be quite dangerous. The irregular blood flow can kick off blood clots that cause a stroke.

The tests are easy to do and the information is readily available to the individual’s doctor.

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How Fabletics is Taking the Athleisure World By Storm

You may have seen the ads for Fabletics on TV or online, where a springy Kate Hudson poses in a variety of brightly-colored workout clothes. In a market where ‘athleisure’ is becoming the fashion norm, challenging the hold that big-name retailers like Amazon has on the market can be challenging – but if Fabletic’s $250 million business is any indication, Kate Hudson is doing a pretty good job.


Brands today are declining in value, while the modern consumer is placing a higher value on experiences and personal relationships with the companies they care about. The Fabletics model of fashion membership allows it to cultivate a loyal customer base, Fabletics General Manager Gregg Throgmartin tells Forbes.


“Our membership model is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion,” he says, and at half the cost of Fabletics’ competitors. “It’s… easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


By joining Fabletics as a VIP Member, your first outfit is only $25. You get outfits curated for you each month, and a 2-3 piece outfit for about $50. If you don’t want anything that month, you can skip and don’t get charged.


Fabletics has built off of the demonstrated success of its monthly membership program by building physical stores, and they will be building more this year. One way Fabletics has built such a strong customer base is through its embrace of “reverse showrooming,” a trend that has killed other countereparts. Nearly 50% of Fabletics customers who come into a store are also members online, while others sign up in-store. A Fabletics customer can browse in-store, and it goes into their online shopping cart as well. This turns the shopping experience into an additional opportunity to build a relationship with both current and potential members.


Fabletics’ retail strategy also embraces online data, but is not chained to it. This way, physical stores will stock items that they know are a local preference or are trending on local social media, but for Fabletics, what really matters is a combination of bringing global fashion trends to local customers.


A blogger named Teri Hutcheon, creator of the blog A Foodie Stays Fit, recently wrote a non-sponsored post reviewing Fabletics. Her impression was that the quality is excellent for the price, and that the style is excellent. However, she did not feel that the site is easy to navigate or that customer service was always helpful.


Be sure to take the Lifestyle Quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is right for you. Based on your answers about what kind of workouts you do, you get workout gear options that are customized to you.


Mrs.Devos is an American woman entrepreneur and an Education reformist. She was elected as the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States. She has been on the frontline leading a liberal life, and she has also contributed significantly in Politics. Mrs. Devos was born on 8th January 1958 in Holland Michigan. As a Republican in the USA Betsy has worked as National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992-1997. By the same token, she has served as a Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party as from 1996-2000 and later in 2003 she resumed the same seat. Edgar Prince, her father, is a known billionaire industrialist has been a motivation and mentor to Betsy. She has always dreamt of leading a successful life and helping others to make the replica.

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Liberal life journey of Betsey Devos

Betsy is a philanthropist; she likes helping the less advantaged in the community. The Bush Re-election, in 2004 she managed to raise a huge amount of cash of about $150000 which was the incredibly substantial amount for to raise. Then when Bush was in power, Mrs. DeVos was elected as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Since 1989 she has managed to release more than $ 17 million to the political cycle that involves the committees and political candidates.

Similarly, Betsy Devos launched a charity foundation in collaboration with her husband called Dick and Devos Foundation in 1989. The Dick and Devos Foundation has won accolades since its establishment including the latest in 2015, Forbes named the company that it was 24th in the America’s top givers in charity works. In 2015 the Foundation contributed $ 11.6 in charity contributions, and in total, over the years the foundation the company has donated over $139.

Betsy is a force to reckon. She is a real warrior when to education and helping people lead a prosperous life. Her personality has made interact with many individual mentoring giving them the best advice on how to lead a successful life.

Generally speaking, Mrs. Betsy’s passion has achieved more, and she continues to inspire with her hard work to have many people be successful.

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George Soros: The Philanthropic Zoro

In this day and age, accountability has never been as important as it is now. Multi-billionaire George Soros is one of those people with a long standing track record of being accountable. Time and time again, Soros has been the agent of change where change was scarce. For over 30 years, Soros had been an advocate for democracy. Also, his philanthropy has not gone unnoticed. His organization Open Society Foundations has bulldozed through the walls of communism and human injustices in 100 countries and counting. Soros has always been a beacon of hope for those in need. During the apartheid era, Soros gave scholarships to black South Africans. To date, he has given away over an estimated 12 billion dollars. Based on his actions, it is safe to say greed is not in his vocabulary. In modern times, his philanthropy has extended to aiding the LGBTQ community fight for their rights.

Read more on BigThink about George Soros.

Few people can look at George Soros without being in awe. This self-made billionaire worked tirelessly to a net worth estimated to be around 20-25 billion dollars. Soros redefined ways to invest by building an empire off of hedge funds. He is one of the wealthiest people of all time. His upbringing is also story of admiration. Soros was such a force to be reckoned with; even Adolph Hitler could not stop him. Born in Hungary, Soros and his family managed to evade the tyrannical rule of the Nazis and attended London School of Economics. Soon after, Soros would leave for America, where he would become a United States citizen.

At the age of 86, Soros has left the world with a legacy that will be observed for many years to come. George Soros has proven he is a world leader that is not afraid to call out political regimes known for their crimes against humanity. His impact can be felt across the world, particularly the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. In closing, George Soros is a legendary figure. Follow George Soros on Twitter.

Karl Heideck And Litigation Process

A litigator is a person who represents a defendant, or a plaintiff. Litigation is the process of all the rules and practices that are done to solve a party dispute.

Karl Heideck is one of the most talented attorneys who has specialized in risk management and practices based in Greater Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck has skills and experience in the following areas; legal writing, law, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, and employment law. Karl Heideck has an experience of more than ten years where he served at Grant and Eisenhofer.

Karl Heideck first went to the Swarthmore College where he pursued English and literature from the year 1999 to 2003. After completion, he then joined the Tempe University Beasley school of Law from and graduated with honours. Litigation is applied to legal proceedings that are likely to go through to the full trial. In a dispute, there must be a defendant and a plaintiff, and for a legal case to go through as litigation, disagreement has to arise where both parties fail to agree on the way to solve the dispute.

When such a situation arises, the plaintiff is required to file the complaints with the civil trial court and gives the defendant copies of summons and complaint. If this does not result in a settlement, the plaintiff has to start a discovery process. In these process, both parties serve each other with written decrees, and these helps both of them know other’s case. The court orders both sides to attend a settlement meeting before going to trial, and if they don’t come to an agreement, both sides go to trial. If one hand tables settlement for the other, then litigation ends. A litigator has to have a Bachelors’ degree from an accredited four-year college and be enrolled in the school of law Accredited by American Bar Association.