The Oxford Club’s Benefits

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989. When it started, it was known as The Passport Club. The founder of the group was William Bonner who is also a pioneering member of Agora Inc. In 1991, Passport Club was renamed to The Oxford Club. It is a group that was born out of the coming together of renowned international investors and entrepreneurs. Its operations run privately with a mission of enabling its members to increase and protect their affluence. The Club has not been shaken by market conditions at all throughout its lifetime. The Oxford Club carries out market research monthly to spot possible market gaps that are worth investing in.

The Club operates on three membership ranks. These are:

  • Premier Membership- This is the entry level membership. The members access the benefits and must renew their membership annually.
  • Director’s Circle Membership- These are permanent investors in the club. They are fully committed to the club and can delegate their membership to family members.
  • Chairman’s Circle Membership- This is the highest membership rank and access to the most privileges. Members at this level have unlimited access to the Club’s website and publications.

The Oxford Club has user-friendly investment policies. The policies help the members to approach markets wisely when making investments. The investors’ choices are well advised all round including tax. The Club publishes three newsletters and three e-letters per day. It serves a wide range of investors starting from green investors to the mature ones. The level of membership of a subscriber determines access to the publications. The monthly publications are The Oxford Communiqué, The Oxford Income Letter, and Oxford Resource Explorer.

The Oxford Club mainly focuses on 12 separate trading services that are related to a number of investment classes. The services the club provides and the policies it recommends are well researched. In 1999, the Club expanded its operations by establishing an educational arm known as Investment U.

There are inexhaustible benefits of joining The Oxford Club. Some of them include:

  • Access to a well-established network of investment opportunities
  • Access to monthly newsletters
  • Unlimited access to current policies of the Club

Scott Rocklage Is Working Towards Treating DM1 With Small Molecules

Scott Rocklage achieved his education at the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He then attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He conducted his research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock while attending MIT. In 1985 Richard R. Schrock was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in chemistry.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has spent in excess of thirty years in the sector of healthcare management. His hard work resulted in approval from the FDA for three separate medications. He has also submitted additional medications for clinical trials. He possesses over thirty patents and has had well over 100 publications reviewed by his peers. Dr. Scott Rocklage is a leader in his field.

Expansion Therapeutics has been working towards battling genetic disorders. Myotonic dystrophy 1 type is the prevalent cause of adult muscular dystrophy. The company is spending $55.3 million to battle this disease. 5AM Ventures along with Kleiner Perkins and the Novartis Venture Fund all participated in the financing.

Molecules converted into proteins after a DNA transfer are called RNA’s. When the production of these molecules becomes toxic within the cells DM1 occurs. This causes defects in the heart, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, muscles, hormonal system, and the central nervous system. DMI often affects complete generations and becomes worse with the passage of time and the new generations. This disease does not have an effective treatment available at this time.

The research performed by 5AM’s Managing Partner Scott Rocklage and Matthew Disney at the laboratory is used by Expansion Therapeutics. It has become apparent small molecule medications can be used to address diseases related to RNA. The treatments required by the individuals with the most crucial medical needs are getting much closer. The team plans to continue until they are successful. Expansion Therapeutics and Dr. Scott Rocklage are working together so the small molecule medical field can be advanced to target RNA. Their work is important in the creation of medications for patients with no options. These medications can potentially treat illnesses triggered by RNA.


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Jed McCaleb: Developing World Without Banks

For a stellar entrepreneur, inventor, programmer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast like Jed McCaleb, he is in a class all to himself. McCaleb has made a name for himself in the world of technology and entrepreneurism. And when it comes to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments, McCaleb has a lot to say and do in this niche. Recently, McCaleb focused on his newest Internet and cryptocurrency-based endeavor called

McCaleb produced the first centralized exchange for trading cryptocurrency called Mt. Gox. At its peak, bustling Mt. Gox accounted for approximately 80 percent of all cryptocurrency that was being exchanged. McCaleb sold Mt. Gox not long after he built it. McCaleb still owns a 12 percent share of Mt. Gox. For McCaleb, being on the forefront of technology trends as an entrepreneur is a key part of what has made him a success story.

McCaleb got started in entrepreneurship and platform building using his programming prowess in 1999. McCaleb started the peer-to-peer file-sharing software program, eDonkey. It was a P2P based network of nodes that were able to download files. was a popular P2P and eDonkey were being used at around the same time.

Fast forward to present days, and McCaleb foresees blockchain technology being a real driver behind universal processes and protocols that involve banking transactions and stock trading. The Stellar Development Foundation was created by Jed McCaleb, and co-founder, Joyce Kim to oversee the building out of the Stellar protocol. could be the key to unleashing the potential with this untapped business sector. The idea behind is to function as an internet-level protocol for payments made using cryptocurrency. works in the same way that a non-profit would, but with an open source model that is open to all people, especially the 2 billion people who currently have no banking institution. Open source provides a level of trust because financial entities cannot change the model.

One of the key components to is that McCaleb’s network uses a new mode of consensus called the federated Byzantine agreement, a model that was created by Stanford University professor, David Mazieres.

Bruno Fagali Has A New Plan For Firm

Bruno Fagali has made a career in law by doing just about everything he can to give corporate clients what they need to survive. His talent for law has allowed him to garner praise and crowds that others simply can’t compete with. That’s why he’s at the top of the his field in Brazil where his name synonymous with many of the basic functions necessary for corporations to operate. Fagali has made himself into a noteworthy figure across the world as Brazil continues to influence everyone around it. That impact is being felt even today as more people decide they want to participate in commerce. The role Fagali will play in the future of Brazil is going to be an important one for everyone to recognize. He hasn’t gotten as far as he has for no reason. He knows what he’s doing and he built his firm around that idea.

His firm has focused mainly on finding ways to promote corporate integrity. This essential process is necessary for so much of what we take for granted in consumer life. It’s the reason companies are able to combine their goods and services under one name. It’s the reason we are able to enjoy the internet as we know it today. That capacity has to be carefully implemented through the use of strategy and contracts that bind companies together. Fagali has been doing this for so long it is his second nature. He knows what will be needed and what will be best for the companies he works for. Naturally, they agree with him and try to support his work as well. Word has spread about his success and it’s brought people who otherwise wouldn’t have an interest in the work of Bruno Fagali into a closer observation of his life works.

How Securus Technologies Works to Reduce Prison Contraband

A significant effort is being made to counteract the entrance of Contraband into prisons. The manufacture of drone technology has significantly increased in number. The drone problem has become significant and a valiant effort is being made to help prevent drones from delivering tools and items which prisoners have used for escape attempts. The result of this is that public safety officials have to concern themselves with contraband entering the prison via drone delivery.


Securus Technologies has stepped in and launched a pilot program that uses technology that detects drones which could have contraband. The counter drone activities will increase in strength as trial periods are completed and weaknesses are assessed. The incursion of a drone is threatening to the prison at large; it threatens inmates and personnel alike. Some of the contraband that are smuggled into a prison include drugs, cell phones, and pornography to name a few. In the last half-decade there have been at least 12 attempts to get drones carrying contraband transported into a federal prison. State prisons have had a similar experience with drones.


Civilian drones have become far more commonplace and easy to obtain. According to Troy Rule, ASU law professor and an advocate for drone legislation, more criminals are understanding that drones are tools that can be used for “Bad Deeds”. According to USA Today, a Victorville, California prisoner managed to get two cell phones into the prison in March of 2015. Securus has been working with its partners in technology in order to create, install, and operate the drone program. The technology has already successfully been implemented to better detect contraband and secure the facility. Drone detection involves the use of a digital antenna-this can be compared to the Wireless Containment Solution. Securus works to serve corrections organizations, law enforcement, and 3,500 public safety officials with more than a million prisoners across the nation. Securus Technologies operates its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.


Securus Technologies is a three-time recipient of the Stevie Award-all three awards were received in 2018 for sales and customer service. The Stevie Awards are the highest honors in the world, recognizing contact centers, customer service, sales professionals, and business development. The Stevie Awards also organizes business award programs such as the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards. The award was presented to Securus on Friday, February 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesar’s Palace. Winners were assessed after combing through upwards of 2,500 nominations in 89 categories.


Hussain Sajwani Is a Man of Great Success Who Comes From Humble Beginnings

Hussain Sajwani is a man who has had great success after coming from humble beginnings. He started out as the son of a man who ran a modest shop selling watches and executive pens. His life as a part of a conservative and faith centered family taught him many lessons about business, life, and the value of people. His mother helped to augment the family income by selling fabric and other household needs to the women of their social circle. When things still were tight for them his father started to dabble in real estate and soon found it to be a passion, one that Hussain Sajwani picked up a love for as well.


Hussain Sajwani’s father wanted him to follow into the family business but the young man had other ideas. He desired to pursue a formal education and wanted to be a professional. He went to Baghdad and attended a medical college on a full government scholarship, but left school before he completed the program. He was not going to be deterred from being successful, however. He undertook various investment opportunities and even worked with the United States military during Operation Desert Storm to provide food service operation support to troops. He was awarded plague of appreciation for his company’s outstanding performance in these duties. To this day the plaque takes a place of honor in his spartan Dubai offices.


In 2002 he started the DAMAC group, a company which initially worked in the development of high-end luxury real estate properties such as world-class international hotels, golf courses, and marinas. The main drive behind the formation of the DAMAC group was a government decrees that for the first time in decades allowed foreigners to own properties in the U.A.E. and since he was aware of many who wanted to take advantage he saw an opening that would make such development easier and profitable for all involved. Over the next several years the organization developed over 100 million square feet of luxury residential space across two super exclusive developments.


The DAMAC group had great success, and in 2013 garnered even more than Hussain Sajwani teamed up with international real estate mogul and billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump, then CEO of the TRUMP Organization. The two men collaborated on the construction of two large, lavish country clubs with international golf courses, to carry the Trump brand plate. One of them, the TRUMP International Golf Course in Dubai is one of the largest and most ostentatiously opulent in the entire world.


In addition to the company’s real estate activities, the DAMAC Group has also started to dabble in the hospitality industry and Hussain Sajwani is also a well-known philanthropist. He is connected with several local, national, and international organizations which help to promote a better way of life and a better world for everyone.


He owns his great success to the humble beginnings that he came from and the strength that he still gets from his faith and his family. He is a man of principles and convictions who keeps in mind the lessons that he learned from an early age sitting in his father’s shop, and strives to keep learning new lessons every day.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Moves Projects From Vision to Reality!

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has the ability to rapidly move any project from creative vision to immaculate reality. Hussain Sajwani’s sense of creativity and style is fashioned in his latest venture, AYKON Plaza. The magnificent skyline tower is the second edition of a massive six tower development project.

DAMAC Properties, a publicly owned company and leader in the Middle Eastern real estate industry, was founded by Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani in 2002. The dynamic skyrise will be erected with over 49 residential floors, overlooking spectacular views of the Dubai Canal. The installment will cover 1.7 million feet, offering a metropolitan like substructure. The esteemed community will feature yoga and tai-chi workout facilities, stately swimming pools, a beach club, quaint cafes, high-end restaurants, and an exclusionary area for resident socialites called The Club. The breathtaking landmark will be situated amongst AYKON City’s utopia of lustrous entertainment.


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani’s keen sense of business acumen spurred from his early childhood upbringing as he observed his father managing the family business. His father specialized in selling watches and pens imported from China. Mr. Sajwani was not compelled to step into his father’s shoes and take over the small family business. Instead, he discerned an outstanding real estate opportunity in Dubai. The assertive young man invested in a residential building and quickly managed to sell off housing units before construction began. This is where development pioneer DAMAC Properties became an actuality.


Brilliant and creative leader, Hussain Sajwani created a path for his company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange-validating his company as a highly sustainable and evolving business. The firm was the first from Middle Eastern territories to reach such a plateau. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is known for a multitude of memorable installations such as DAMAC Hills, the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, and AKOYA Oxygen to name a few. All are designed to deliver world-class luxury experiences. Mr. Sajwani’s latest vision and endeavor, AYKON Plaza will soon complete its second, much-anticipated tower addition in AYKON City Dubai.

The Future of Blockchain Banking According to Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is one of the most revered individuals in the blockchain world. Not only is he an expert programmer, he created the very first worldwide bitcoin exchange network. Within the tech world, Jed McCaleb has worked in a variety of industries and loaned his innovative thinking to a wide range of technologies.


Mt. Gox was the name of this exchange network. It began as a simple market place for Magic: The Gathering Online players to trade cards, but realizing the potential, he changed the company’s focus to the ever growing bitcoin.


With his in-depth experiences in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, he has the knowledge required to make a shocking prediction: one day blockchain technology and the financial industry will be synonymous with one-another.


“In the future, I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate,” McCaleb declared in an interview. Already, his idea is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


McCaleb is in a position to make his prediction come true. He is the co-founder and CTO of Stellar, a blockchain technology that works within the banking world. In the few short years that Stellar has been in operation, Stellar already has dozens of clients all over the world that use its systems. The biggest, most famous company to implement Stellar into their transaction process is IBM.


Stellar certainly has the network to become the single worldwide transaction network that McCaleb spoke about. Stellar boasts impressive transaction speeds that can’t even be matched by bitcoin. Stellar is primarily operating in the South Pacific, but their target audience is absolutely anyone who doesn’t have financial services available to them at the moment.


“In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain.” McCaleb said. McCaleb argues that even stocks will one day be traded with some sort of blockchain ledger. If a blockchain company is able to ink such a deal, it would mean and more safe, secure marketplace.

Joel Friant – Habanero chile pepper lover, entrepreneur, and success trainer

In a career that properly took off before 1995, Joel Friant has since become one of the best entreptreneurs of this age. He is most famous for The Original Habanero Shaker, a product that contains pure flaked hot Chile peppers. One of the most loved hot peppers on earth, the product is gluten and sugar free, and ideal for vegans. The first time John Friant tasted this pepper, he sought out to share its goodness with as many people as he could. He looked for ways to source the habaneros fresh from farms, and started packaging them in their raw, dry and original form and in uniquely designed shakers. The Habanero Shaker can today be purchased in grocery stores and worldwide through online platforms like Amazon.


Apart from the habanero shaker, Joel Friant is a master in other fields including, but not limited to, writer, speaker,real estate, success training and free-market enthusiast. In 2003, he entered the mortgage business in a bid to help people become homeowners and eventually opened a mortgage lending company. When the general economy slowed down during the financial crisis of 2007/2008, Joel Friant sought the inspiration of Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz to come up with his own concepts of success. Joel started teaching these concepts, an example being ‘The Income Thermostat‘, to people, consequently starting a career in success training. He has since written and continues to write articles for success in publications, as well as speaking in seminars.


In an attempt to take the Habanero shakers sales to a new level, Joel Friant studied about online business and more specifically about selling on platforms like eBay and Amazon. This eventually led him to discover cryptocurrencies and incorporated in his success training, concepts like the blockchain technology to help people understand and profit from cryptocurrencies.


Joel Friant credits his success to his willingness to learn from others and dropping the habit of procastination. He lives by a personal philosophy of positive thinking, and says this has enabled him to have immense faith in himself.

AvaTrade Review: Safe to Trust this Broker in 2018?

AvaTrade, originally established as AvaFX in 2006, is a Dublin, Ireland based online CFDs and forex broker specializing in giving trading assistance for ETFs, Bitcoin, equities, commodities, market indices, and bonds.


Since the inception, The company has grown tremendously helping over 230,000 people globally. Ava rade executes over 2 million trades monthly and often goes beyond a $60 billion level in overall value. Boasting a trustworthy financial base and client-focused service, AvaTrade has consistently provided customers with a wide range of products and services. This is seen in a diverse range of platforms for trading which they make available supported by their large multilingual support team available 24 hours five days per week.


For traders, the biggest concern they have about brokers is if a broker is trustworthy. This is due mainly to the trading industry plagued by countless scam brokers. Beginner traders can be afraid and want to ensure their broker is someone who they can trust.


With AvaTrade review, that is no more a concern. As a brokerage which has been around for well over ten years, AvaTrade has surely established its status in the online traders community to be a brokerage with reliability and integrity. AvaTrade is a regulated and authorized brokerage that follows the strictest requirements and regulations. AvaTrade has the ability to provide tradesmen with a regulated and safe platform in which its possible to trade with no stress. AvaTrade has authorizations and licenses for the locations of: Austrailia, Virgin Islands, European Union, Japan, and South Africa. In proof of its strong background, AvaTrade has obtained a range of awards since 2009 in acknowledgment of accomplishments in the business.


AvaTrade has won Best Customer Service and Best Alerts including best of Financial Derivative Tradings Providers. Ava Trades latest award was given Best Forex Brokerage of 2016 by FX Empire. AvaTrade has proven itself worthy of the retail trading industry and they are a legit broker you can trust.