A Closer Look at the Bottles that Hold Waiakea Water

Even though water is generally looked at as a healthy beverage, there are plenty of factors that are looked at when it comes to the health of the water. Among the factors that are looked at is the type of container that is used to hold the water. One of the most common containers for holding water is the plastic bottle. However, there have been a lot of comments made about how plastic is actually bad for water. For one thing, there are a lot of contaminants in plastic that carry into the water. Many people suggest glass as a better container for water.

Even though plastic may have tons of contaminants, there are other factors in the water. One of the factors of the healthiness of the water is the source. Many waters come from acidic sources. Fortunately, Waiakea water is one of the waters that are very healthy. Not only is the water coming from the best source, but a lot of care is taken for the packaging of the water. The packaging is done in a way that makes sure that the quality of the water is maintained so that people will be able to enjoy more of the health benefits that come with the drink.

There are plenty of different containers being considered for the Hawaiian volcanic water. One is a degradable type of bottle. This is to make the water product more environmentally-friendly. Even the other bottle they have been using has something that even glass doesn’t have. While glass is considered a better alternative than plastic, there are factors in place that people have to consider like how it is cleaned. One good thing about the plastic that Waiakea uses is that it is considered carbon neutral. Therefore, people are able to enjoy the water without any worries of health problems.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Stop Republicans from Threatening DACA

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are appealing to the Hispanic community and to groups and organizations across the country which supports migrants’ rights: stop the Republican Party from ending the provisions of the DACA program. DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program authorized by the Obama Administration which gives certain privileges to undocumented migrant children below 16 years of age when they first entered the United States. These privileges involve immunity from deportation, the right of being given a Social Security Number, and the right to find employment within the United States. Other states also include the right to drive and the right of free college tuition, and the migrants who are benefiting from the DACA program are required to renew their status every two years. The DACA program was signed into full implementation in 2012, and five years after President Barack Obama introduced the program, the Republican Party threatens to end the program fully. As a result of the threats coming from the Republican Party, youths who are beneficiaries of the DACA program and those who wanted to apply for a DACA status are advised not to do it in the present because they can be instantly deported out of the United States.


The suggestion by the Republican Party to end the DACA program was welcomed with protests and outrage from different groups and organizations which are fighting for the migrants’ rights. The news quickly spread across the country, prompting the groups to mobilize and to ask the government to reconsider their plans. They claimed that more than 800,000 individuals would be affected once the DACA program ends and they also highlighted that these 800,000 individuals are contributing to the economy of the United States by paying their taxes and their school fees. The groups and organizations supporting migrants’ rights have warned that if the government chooses to terminate the DACA program, a substantial economic blow could paralyze the United States economy.


According to the White House, it was Ken Paxton who had sent the letter to terminate the DACA program, addressing it to President Donald Trump. Ken Paxton is the Attorney General of the state of Texas, and he is now under fire because of his recommendation. Ken Paxton is not alone, as he had the support of several representatives and one governor in ending the DACA program, and all of them came from the Republican States. They wanted to systematically terminate the DACA program, by discouraging DACA beneficiaries from renewing their status and stopping new applications. Ken Paxton also warned the present administration that legal consequences could be filed against them if the DACA program continues.


The Secretary for Homeland Security, John Kelly, had met with groups and organizations that are supporting migrants’ rights. He explained to them that the present administration is also weighing in the pros and cons of terminating the DACA program. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have shown their support to the migrants by assisting them financially through the Frontera Fund, and they criticized the recommendation of ending the DACA program.



For the DeVoses, Challenges Lead to Involvement

Dick and Betsy DeVos are not shy about challenging the status quo. For instance, Dick led the fight to block a sports and convention center proposed for development outside of downtown Grand Rapids. He felt that the project would pull development away from his hometown’s city center, eventually leaving it as barren as the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had left Detroit.


Both DeVoses are further known for how they’ve taken action to support private school education when public schools prove ineffective. In fact, the reputation of Betsy DeVos in that area led to her appointment as U.S. Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration.


But the DeVoses were always about more than merely blocking actions and activities to which they were opposed. For instance, the phone calls and meetings that triggered his success at stopping the sports and convention center project led to Dick DeVos corralling many of the city’s influential movers and shakers to form Grand Action.


That group has been heavily responsible for the transformation of the city’s skyline with such development projects as Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Place Convention Center and the medical school of Michigan State University, among others.


In 1993, the DeVos couple started up the Education Freedom Fund and serve on its board of directors. The fund pays for thousands of low-income students to attend private schools on scholarships.


They also built, from the ground up, the ambitious and highly respected West Michigan Aviation Academy — a charter school available to Grand Rapids students on a tuition-free basis.


Regarding statewide employment issues, Dick DeVos was a driving force behind the 2012 push to transform heavily union-influenced Michigan into a right-to-work state.


The DeVoses have used their combined fortunes — Dick was CEO of Amway and Betsy’s father was a billionaire industrialist — to enrich their city in numerous ways. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they’ve donated hundreds of millions of dollars to a children’s hospital, arts and culture organizations, policy and leadership initiatives, human service programs, education, churches and other causes for which they share a passion.


In short, dissatisfaction has spurred Dick and Betsy DeVos to devote time and capital to make positive change on numerous fronts. And those actions have benefited their beloved Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan in untold ways. Learn more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

Securus Technologies an Indispensable Tool for Crime Prevention

Preventing crimes from occurring takes more than a skilled officer, it requires making use of the technologies available in a way that gives the police the advantage despite not knowing when those crimes will be committed. Even though we saw cutbacks in the force this year, we made it back with the help of a company that developed a telephone monitoring system that has become an indispensable tool for preventing crimes.


Securus Technologies installed a new telephone monitoring device in the local prison, and me and my fellow officers took a ride there one day to see the system in action. The way the monitor works is it replaces officers that were in a call center listening to inmates use the phone, and it scans every second of all the calls being made, then alerts officers if something is being said of concern. The corrections officers use the system in the jail to identify when inmates are discussing things like drugs or weapons, and it has been effective and cutting down on violent episodes in that facility.


Securus Technologies employs over a thousand of the most dedicated and hard-working team players in the world, and they all work at a single objective, making the world safe. The CEO, Richard Smith, explained to my team the system is already in over 2,675 jails, and it can help officers outside the prison too. We found out just how important this device was to helping officers on the streets too.


An inmate was on the phone taking about a fugitive we were looking for, and once we got the alert, we focused our efforts on who he was speaking to on the phone and discovered this family member was harboring that fugitive from us. This could have taken months to do without that system.


How To Get Unbeatable Heat With Joel Friant’s Original Habanero Shaker

Knowing when to harvest your habanero peppers will make all the difference in the world in regards to their flavor and spiciness level. In general, a pepper is ripe about 75-90 days after you planted it. It’s also a good idea to look at images of the ripe peppers and the seed packet information so that you know what a ripe habanero pepper looks like.

To harvest your peppers you’ll want to use either a sharp knife or your garden clippers to snip the pepper off the plant. You will probably also want to wear gloves while doing this to protect your hands, or even worse if you rub your eyes. Once you’re done you should thoroughly wash your hands even if you wore gloves.

For those that don’t want to grow their own peppers, an entrepreneur called Joel Friant launched a product called Habanero Shaker. Each container is guaranteed to have 100% Habanero flakes only. Joel Friant had launched the Habenero Shaker in 1995 and, while it was gone from the market for a number of years, he relaunched the Habanero Shaker due to popular demand for it.

As Joel Friant points out, the habanero pepper is the most pepper with the most flavor. It has a buttery and smoky taste that most people love to taste. As is also very well known about habanero peppers, they are one of the hottest chili peppers around.

Since Joel Friant launched Habanero Shaker in 1995 there have been other, hotter shakers that have been introduced onto the market featuring peppers even hotter than a habanero. However, he says that the combination of heat and flavor is unbeatable when it comes to a habanero. Even though they’re not the absolute hottest you can buy they are still really hot, but not to the point where the heat is unbearable. The heat and the flavor combined make a mix that is irresistible.

AvaTrade Review: Finally, A Trusted Forex Platform For Everyone

The world of Forex can be confusing when there are so many brokers to choose from. And online Forex trading can be particularly scary with so many fly-bynight operations. However, there is one forex brokerage with an over decade long history of reliable service and satisfied clients. That would be AvaTrade.

AvaTrade was born in 2006 and has remained in continious operation for over a decade. In that time, the trading platform has evolved to create a more efficient trading experience for their clients. While AvaTrade handles over 60 billion dollars a month in investor trading, the platform itself is easy enough to handle for the most novice investors.

Also, AvaTrade is filled with helpful tools to assist their clients in becoming better traders. This is such an important factor when it comes to forex trading, especially in markets that trade almost 24 hours a day and can become volitile at the moment’s notice. The right tools can help clients find the right trading opportunity as well as avoid dangerous trades. While the right tools can make a big difference in a trading platform, there is one strength that really sets AvaTrade apart – reliability.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to enter nor exit a position at the proper time. With over a decade’s experience as an online trading platform, AvaTrade continues to update their systems to ensure that their customers have the most reliable forex platform available.

Finally, there is trust. It almost goes without saying that new forex trading companies should be met with a skeptical eye. Experienced platforms like AvaTrade, however, already has a reputation for reliable service and proper trading practices. This is critical when it comes to selecting a trading partner. You want to know your money is in proper hands, day and night.

Overall, AvaTrade is one of the premier online trading platforms available. With an over decade long track record, AvaTrade is one of the most reliable forex trading services any investor should consider.

More AvaTrade review on their website.

The Oxford Club Making Investing Easy

There is a lot of hype about cryptocurrency or digital money as some call it, people want in on it and others are on the sidelines. Critiques on both sides of the issue.

What to do? To bring some sanity to the issue “Wealthy Retirement” a newsletter by The Oxford Club released an article to shed some light. First of all, Bitcoins are a type of cryptocurrency and there are many types of cryptocurrencies. According to The Oxford Club article, Bitcoins grew large to $900, people got bitcoin fever, and now they are worth $16000.

Some facts about The Oxford Club is that it is a privately operated financial club that is global and wants its members to invest in the best investments so they can enjoy life without much financial difficulty. They have a great team of financial strategists to cover the job. They offer knowledge which can beat the stock market and give the investor peace of mind. They offer advice on bonds to precious metals and everything in-between.

The Oxford Club wants people to know that cryptocurrency is a new market investment for investors. These currencies can be used in place of money in some business transactions that accept them. In the case of the Bitcoins businesses like Expedia, Overstock and Dish do accept them in place of paper money.

The Oxford club wants their readers to know that whether one should buy cryptocurrency or not is a matter of debate but if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, then you should invest only what you are willing to lose. This means that your other serious investments should be safe for more reliable time-tested investments.

Siteline Cabinetry Incorporates Modern Techniques

Your journey to a fulfilling and attractive cabinet is the primary and sole need that every homeowner wishes to come true, someday. The choice of the best cabinetry providing Service Company lies in the hands of the owner. The option of that company that will guarantee you a fulfilling journey towards attaining that smart and yet compelling cabinet is one of the daunting tasks. But, there is always that company that will ensure that you get the best item. Siteline still takes the order of the day in delivering the best choice of furniture items in the market. It has always strived to reach its clients with incredible cabinet service at an affordable cost.

The cutting-edge technology the company incorporates in the manufacture of the cabinet items has a far-reaching capability in ensuring that you get a superb and latest design in cabinetry. With a vast expertise in furniture manufacture, Siteline has established the best models for bathroom, closet and kitchen cabinet materials. It employs the best architects that design and engages the client in the manufacturing process of the furniture. Clients through the authorized dealer can book an appointment with the company and make an order. A period of five weeks is enough for the company to manufacture and complete your order.

The latest designs in the market are all incorporated, and the best model manufactured. Siteline obtains its manufacturing material from the trusted suppliers that will ensure that clients have something that matches their money. With Siteline, customers can have the best quality of the furniture an incredibly noteworthy price. The made-to-order technique gives the client a freedom to choose the best designs. The exterior and interior choice of colors too are all availed to the client depending on their tastes and preference. Just by making a call to the company, the client meets the best attention from the professional client support. Siteline goes on to inspect your cabinetry needs and advise the client on the best options available. It also goes an extra mile of making the installation of the furniture to the client’s home. Siteline is the best choice for the client that wishes to have an entirely new and precious look of their home.

The Achievements of Rick Smith as the CEO of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith happens to have been the chief executive officer of the famous Securus Technology. The company has been trusted for providing the best prison technology and have always worked towards the success of the company. He was promoted to be the company’s CEO in the year 2008 and many people have kept the faith that he is the best person to be where he is because of the major changes he has brought to the company. His development status has been awesome and is always on the frontline making sure that he achieves success. His mission in life has been to achieve his goals in life. He has been making sure that his leadership is felt everywhere and his impacts can be felt by as many people as possible. He has a great background, great track record and also unique skills set. He possesses a wide range of experience in the field of telecommunication, business development, information technology, operations and also finance. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

Rick Smith Securus is one of those great companies whose great objective has been revealed and has started to perform very well in its niche. It has its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas and has been known for its massive achievements in the world of prison technology and has been able to achieve success in the field. The company has been able to supply a wide range of several services to over 1,000,000 inmates and also over 2,600 public safety agencies, law enforcement and also correction facilities all based in North America. They have become the regional giants and have persistently been able to achieve in their industry so much. Under his able leadership, he has been able to provide leadership in the fields of emergency response, incidents management, inmate self-service, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, monitoring, communications and many other fields. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Richard Smith also happens to have a very strong academic background that has made him become a great scholar he is today. He has always worked for success and had great dreams since when he was young. He is a graduate of the famous Rochester University and pursued a bachelors degree in engineering from the same state University of New York. He also has a masters degree in engineering from the University of New York and also a masters degree from the famous Rochester University. He has been able to possess great skills that have been able to steer his life forward and have always wished to make it in life. His passion for success is Undeniable. He also possesses a lot of experience from other companies before joining secures Technologies and has always committed his skills towards success. Many people refer to him as a great scholar who has a passion to grown in his career.

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How Rick Smith Promoted Growth By His Great Ideas In Technology

About Rick Smith and the Securus Technology

Personal Details

Mr. Rick Smith has been a Chief Executive Officer for more than nine years of experience in his work in Securus Technology. He has an MBA which he attained it in the University of Rochester, Bachelors Degree; Engineering acquired it in University of New York at Buffalo among many others not named also had an Associate Degree which he obtained while in Rochester Institute of Technology. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

Professional Life and Success of Securus Technology

Smith as a CEO and the chairman of the company has worked in collaboration with its workers to produce the best out of them. The achievement of this institution comes from him being the key personnel, vision career, and decision maker.

Rick Smith has been through many companies and finally to Securus Technology. Regarding his capability in achieving results in other businesses, Rick is competitive, sober-minded, intelligent and innovative. His skills and hardworking made him the fantastic preference for many outsides. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

He has promoted growth and stability in companies before by raising its revenue higher than recorded in the previous years; he demonstrates positivity always in his working areas to both its inmate and public. Over a higher number of technologies has become dependable to them for there gadgets in different ways as it was identified as correctional technologies providers. Even the government uses its techniques for security measures.

Success and progress of Rick Smith Securus Technology were determined by his creativity of even signing up an email address that his inmates access it, brings competition to the other entrepreneurs thus changing the world daily.

Formation of Securus Technology

It is a private industry by the name Corrections, telecommunications. Its establishment was in the year 1986, its headquarters being Dallas, Texas in the United States of America having its offices positioned all over in the country, for example, Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrollton among many.

The firm has created more employment opportunities for many people and preserved greater contracts with an achievement of over 2600 correctional facilities in the country, having moved even out of the state. It has obtained exclusive partner agreements, software-based businesses, patents and more of government services.

Rick Smith and the team came up with a measure to control inmate calls from prisons by the name Wireless Containment Solution that will ban contraband cell phones from connecting to other mobile networks.

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